Simply Sweet Stencils: Halloween Stencils

Halloween Stencils | Simply Sweets by Honeybee

I’m back with another short and sweet post. As promised I told you that I was going to share more of the stencils that I’ve listed in my shop. This time it’s Halloween stencils. Just like last time I made a short video showing all the stencils. They are stenciled on Notta Cookies which are […]

Sweet Halloween Ideas


It’s officially fall!!!! Can you hear the collective cheer? It’s time for ghosts & ghouls, pumpkin spice fill in the blank, boots, comfy sweaters, hair that doesn’t fall flat and makeup that doesn’t melt. It’s time to get our strut on and enjoy some good eats. So excited! The first holiday of the fall is […]

Vampire Sock Monkey Cookies


Today we’re shifting from owls to vampires but not just any vampires. These are vampire sock monkeys. They are probably the most feared of vampires because they draw you in with their cuteness and then suck the life out of you. LOL! Before I share how I made the cookies, let me show you the […]

Halloween Owl Cookies


Halloween is approaching fast. I know I sound like a broken record when I tell you that I don’t like the holiday but it’s the truth. I can totally do without it. My friends won’t let me though. They have invited us to a cocktails and costumes party on Saturday. Costumes are mandatory. Oy! Thank […]

Eyeball Jar Cookies


When holidays roll around I’m always thinking of new and creative designs to share with you. As soon as I saw this jar cutter from Sweet Sugarbelle I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. I knew that I wanted to fill it with eyeballs. Let’s see how to make these simple cookies. […]

Royal Icing Transfers For A Cake {Video Tutorial}


Two of my co-workers had birthdays this week so I decided to make a cake to celebrate both of their birthdays. What better than a good old graveyard cake to celebrate getting a year older? Lol! Today I’ll be showing you a video tutorial on the royal icing transfers. I’ve made some royal icing transfers […]

Inspiration Challenge: October {Halloween Candy}


Another inspiration challenge is upon us. In honor of Halloween,Stephanie and I chose Halloween Candy as our theme. Being that I love candy I had many choices to choose from. I narrowed it down to Almond Joy and Butterfinger. Let me show you which one I chose. When I saw these Butterfinger Halloween pumpkins in […]

Halloween Cupcakes

Just wanted to share the cupcakes I made for a Halloween party I attended on Saturday. The Dia de los Muertos cupcake was inspired by, the mummy cupcake was inspired by yoyomax12 on YouTube. Happy Halloween!

Pumpkins & Jack O’ Lanterns

I made these pumpkins and Jack O’ Lanterns for my husband’s co-worker. There were six dozen total. Three dozen of each kind. So far this is the largest amount of cookies I’ve made at one time. Thanks to Callye from The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle for her great tutorial on puffy pumpkins. I originally had planned […]