Sweet Talk: The Cookie Corner AZ


Today I’m chatting with Jackie of Cookie Corner AZ. I’ve been a fan of Jackie’s work for quite awhile. She makes beautiful cookies and packages them so nicely. I have packaging envy as that’s something I’m still trying to master. She also has a great eye for color as you’ll see in the samples of […]

Sweet Talk: Not Your Momma’s Cookie

gangnam cookies

Today on Sweet Talk I’m interviewing Jennifer of Not Your Momma’s Cookie. Jennifer is not only a talented cookie artist but also a great baker. She shares amazing recipes on her blog as well as her beautifully decorated cookies. I’ve been stalking her blog for a while. She is an inspiration to me in terms […]

Sweet Talk: Semi Sweet Designs


Today on Sweet Talk I’m chatting with Mike of Semi Sweet Designs. When I first saw Mike’s cookies I was blown away by his talent.  Every time he posts his latest work I just oooh and ahhh. He’s one of the most precise cookie decorators I’ve ever seen. Everything is so clean and crisp. I […]

Sweet Talk: Fresh Cut Flours

Fresh Cut Flours Family Pic

Today on Sweet Talk I’m chatting with Terri of Fresh Cut Flours. I’ve followed Terri’s blog for quite some time and have recently been getting to know her better. Terri is not only a very talented cookie decorator but she has a knack for turning what we might consider “junk” or “trash” into treasure. She […]