Sweet Talk: The Baked Equation

The Baked Equation Garden Baby Shower Cookies

Today on Sweet Talk we are chatting with my friend Melissa of The Baked Equation. Melissa is an amazing baker with a heart of gold. I’ve purchased her baked goods and let me tell you that if you have not had them then you are truly missing out. I’m talking about brownies that are rich, […]

Sweet Talk: Sweet Temptations by Nicole


Welcome back to another Sweet Talk. I’m excited to introduce you to Nicole from Sweet Temptations by Nicole. I met Nicole through Instagram several months ago and have enjoyed getting to know her. She’s a talented cookie decorator who has an amazing personality, a beautiful family and is a fellow Texan. If we lived closer […]

Sweet Talk: Barefoot ‘n’ Baking

Barefoot n Baking Wedding-Collage

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Kim from Barefoot ‘n’ Baking. Kim is a fellow Texas baker that I had the pleasure of meeting in person several months ago. Not only was I impressed with her charm and sweetness but she also blew me away with her decorating ability. We brought cookies to exchange […]

Mommy To Bee Cookies


Hello my sweet friends. Hope you’re having a great week. We made it safely to my parent’s house and we’re having a great time. It’s so nice to relax and not have to worry about work and other life stuff. I have a quick post today to show you the last set of cookies I […]

Sweet Talk: Twins Plus One Goodies

I’m so excited to be sharing another Sweet Talk interview with you this week. Today I’m interviewing my friend Heather of Twins Plus One Goodies. Heather is one of the few decorators that I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting in person. She has family in the Houston area so on a recent visit we had […]

Sweet Talk: Tami Renā’s Cookies

It’s time for another Sweet Talk interview. Today I’m interviewing my friend Tami of Tami Renā’s Cookies. Tami is such a total sweetheart. We met online last year and I’ve enjoyed following her cookie journey. Over the last year I have watched her grow as a decorator and I’m always excited to see what she does […]

Sweet Talk: Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies

Are y’all ready to meet a new decorator today? Well she won’t be new to my long-time readers. Today I’m interviewing my dear friend Stephanie from Ellie’s Bite’s Decorated Cookies. A lot of you may know Stephanie from our Inspiration Challenges. I met Stephanie over a year ago in a group we are members of […]

Sweet Talk: The Cookie Puzzle

Do you remember Coffee Talk from Saturday Night Live? Well it inspired the name of a new series I’m launching on the blog today called Sweet Talk. Well I’m hoping that it will become a series. I hope to interview not only cookie artists but cake artists and bakers as well. There are so many […]

Tutu Cookies

When my friend asked me to make cookies for her daughter’s ballet recital I got real excited. I don’t really make too many girly cookies so I was looking forward to making these cookies. She gave me creative freedom. When I’m given creative freedom I like to ask questions about the event to have an […]

Graduation Cookies

My friend’s daughter, Zelinda, graduated this weekend and I made a set of cookies for her as part of my gift. She is an amazing young lady who is destined to do great things in life. I’m so proud of her. Graduation cookies really aren’t my thing. I find them to be kind of boring […]