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Slice of Life Sundays: 5-31-15


I can’t believe it’s the last day of May. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing Christmas stuff in the stores which is crazy. I think last year Hobby Lobby was clearing their shelves and getting ready in June. I had planned a Hobby Lobby visit yesterday but didn’t make it because more horrendous storms blew in. The lightning, thunder and rain were crazy. I was just happy to make it home safely.

I went to acupuncture yesterday. I’m going to a new place. The other lady I was seeing started being kind of quackish. The place I’m going now is run by a husband and wife. The office is very clean and zen. It’s a relaxing place and they are good at what they do. I’ve only been twice and I’m feeling changes happening already. I’m taking some herbs they prescribed. I couldn’t do the powder form dissolved in water because I get nauseous very easily. They had to put the powder in pills for me. I have to take 30 pills a day! It’s worth it though because I do feel like good things are happening. I’m not sure if I’ll have to deal with fibromyalgia for the rest of my life or if it will go away but I feel I’m on the right path with my treatment.

After acupuncture I ran to the post office to drop off a stencil order and grabbed lunch at Subway. I hate that my husband works Saturdays but I also like it too. Saturdays are my days to do things for myself and just enjoy the time off.

After lunch I went to Cost Plus World Market because I wanted some new placemats for my kitchen table. I spotted some great things there.

I just love that eat cookbook holder. My counter tops are so cluttered right now and I’m trying to downsize what I have so I had to pass on it. The mini measuring spoons were so cute and for $2.99 I couldn’t pass them up. You can never have too many measuring spoons. I love the taco truck but didn’t get any. My husband said I should have gotten them. Maybe next time.

I absolutely love the blue mason jar pitcher but we don’t entertain much and it would just take up too much space. As you can tell I love the color blue and mint as well. I was so tempted to get some of the blue mason jars but I have so many mason jars as it is and I had to resist. I’ll wait until I do purging and organizing in my kitchen to decided if I really need them. I love the mint buckets. They would be great for organizing but I’m too cheap to buy them. There are plenty of containers I can use from the Dollar Tree. Those hedgehog dryer buddies almost made it in my cart because of the cute factor but I had will power and let them go. I ended up leaving with only four placemats, the measuring spoons and a mug. Not bad because you can do some serious damage in a Cost Plus.

I went to two Dollar Trees after Cost Plus. I’ve been on the hunt for storage containers in the “Martha Stewart” blue color. I’ve been able to track down quite a few. I forgot to take pictures but I plan on showing a before and after of my pantry organization. It’s a big project but one that needs to be done today.

I’ve also been hunting the chalk labels on the right at Dollar Tree and came up empty handed. I want them to put on the storage containers. Thanks to my bestie Kim she found them in Missouri and mailed them to me. She also found the ones on the left at Michaels. Now I just need to go find a good chalk marker today.

Kim surprised me with this amazing sign that I already hung in my kitchen. It’s something that I need to say to myself everyday. Isn’t it amazing?

She also sent me the coolest owl dish that I’m going to use for my rings. It’s so nice to have such a thoughtful friend.

That’s about all that’s going on here this weekend. I have the big pantry organization project to work on and I need to figure out meals for this week. I’ve gotten away from home cooking meals and instead buy a lot of convenience meals. I’m tired of doing that and need to get back to cooking. I have this book I picked up at a book fair at work that I want to pick some stuff out of. Who doesn’t love recipes with six ingredients or less?

Hope you have an amazing Sunday!

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