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Slice of Life Sundays: 1-11-15


Hello dolls. Lol! Channeling my inner Kardashian. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Slice of Life post. My last one was about Zoe and I haven’t been able to do another one until now.

I took a much needed vacation this week and went to visit my parents. My husband and I had a great time. It was great to get away from our house which was feeling sad for the past few weeks. It still felt different when we got back but we are healing from our loss and getting better every day. We’ve actually been contemplating getting another dog because Pepper seems so sad without Zoe. It’s just such a big responsibility and decision. I think when we’re ready we’ll know and the right dog will come into our lives. Pepper is eight years old so first and foremost we have to think about her and what type of dog would best suit her and not drive her nuts.

One thing we did while on vacation was visit the zoo. I hadn’t been to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas since I was a young girl. I think the last time was on a school field trip. It was a beautiful day when we went. Sunny but cool and hardly anyone was there since it was a weekday. It was perfect. Here are a few pics.

galapagos tortoise

I think the Galapagos tortoises were my favorite. I’ve always had an obsession with tortoises and turtles so seeing them was a real treat. I used to own two red eared sliders but released them into a lake when they were getting too big for their tank. I wanted them to live free. Their names were Crush and Squirt.


As much as I’m obsessed with tortoises and turtles, I’m equally as obsessed with primates. In fact, I minored in Anthropology in college. My degree is in Sociology. Kind of strange that I ended up working in Accounting. My degree is just an expensive piece of paper. Ha!


Sloths are quite interesting creatures. It was neat to see one up close. I don’t recall if the Houston Zoo has sloths or not. If they do I did not see them on my recent trip.


Peacocks are so majestic. I can’t believe that they were just hanging out in the open and I was able to practically walk right up to one without it freaking out. They must be used to the constant stream of visitors.

mini horse

A miniature horse was kind of a curious thing to see at a zoo but they have a petting area for the kids. What kid doesn’t like a mini horse. The moment I saw these two my inner child came out and my first words were “I want one”.

My husband and I got back into town Friday evening. It’s been cold and rainy here so we’re still in vacation mode being lazy and watching TV or YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, during my hiatus from blogging watching YouTube videos has been my saving grace. I love watching other people’s lives on vlogs and also watching beauty videos. Aside from baking I’m kind of obsessed with makeup. Most days I wear minimal makeup but I still love trying new products and watching others do makeup tutorials.

Some of my favorite YouTubers are Essie Button (love both her beauty videos and her vlogs essiebuttonvlogs), Tati,  Ingrid Nilsen (also love her vlog channel TheGridMonster), ThatsHeart (as well as her vlogs ThatsHeartTV) and Jaclyn Hill. I follow a ton of other channels but these are my go to ones. I’m always checking daily to see if they have posted new content.

Well that’s about all that’s going on right now. I’ve got to get ready to go grocery shopping. It’s cold and raining so I’m totally not feeling it but it has to be done. My Etsy shop is back up and running. Instead of trying to come up with a ton of Valentine’s Day designs I’m only going to list a few. I’m kind of late to the game because most cookiers are already wrapping up their Valentine’s Day designs. You have to be quick in this cookie world. For a procrastinator like me it’s not good but you know what I don’t care. I’m going to be me. I’ll still list them even if they’re late and if I get orders swell. If not there’s always next year.

Have a great Sunday friends. I know it’s going to be totally late but I want to do a December favorites post because there are some products I used in December (mainly skin care) that are game changers for me. My skin has been looking so much better and it’s thanks to these products. I’ll work on getting my post ready to go up hopefully tomorrow.

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