Geeky Girl Owl Cookies


Welcome back. If you saw yesterday’s Geeky Baby Shower for Jennifer of Not Your Momma’s Cookie then you know that I told you I’d be back today with a tutorial on how I made the geeky girl owl. To make geeky girl owl cookies you will need: large round cookie cutter (optional) small round cookie […]

Geeky Baby Shower Owl Cookie for Jennifer from NoYoMoCo


Today I’m excited to be a part of a virtual geeky baby shower for Jennifer of Not Your Momma’s Cookie. Jennifer just had her first child on November 8th. A baby girl named Seraphina Noelle who is absolutely gorgeous. You can see her here. If you follow Jennifer’s blog then you know that she has […]

Keeping Your Mixing Bowl Squeaky Clean


Have you ever heard that oil is the enemy of royal icing? I had never heard it until I got into decorating cookies. I’ve never experienced any problems from oil with my royal icing but after I heard about the potential for it to pose a problem I was always paranoid. In the last year […]

Cookies n Cream Cupcakes


Yesterday was our Thanksgiving potluck at work. Whenever we have potlucks I always sign up for dessert. It’s my thing. This year I decided to bring cookies n cream cupcakes. Since it was a weeknight I took the easy way out and used a cake mix. I know there are some people out there that […]

Slice of Life Sundays: 11-10-13


Balance. A word that’s been heavily on my mind for a couple weeks. How do we find balance in life? It seems like time just flies by and we’re trying to keep up. When I first discovered blogging two years ago I immediately became addicted to it. I wanted to post every day if I […]

Sweet Talk: The Cookie Corner AZ


Today I’m chatting with Jackie of Cookie Corner AZ. I’ve been a fan of Jackie’s work for quite awhile. She makes beautiful cookies and packages them so nicely. I have packaging envy as that’s something I’m still trying to master. She also has a great eye for color as you’ll see in the samples of […]

Inspiration Challenge: Lazy Sunday Mornings


Inspiration Challenges are a collaboration between myself and Stephanie of Ellie’s Bite’s Decorated Cookies. There are twelve challenges in a year, each with a unique theme. We challenge not only ourselves but you to come up with decorated cookies, cakes, cupcakes, recipes and crafts for each theme. A link-up will be hosted on my site for […]

Slice of Life Sundays: 11-3-13


Where do I begin? Last week I didn’t do a Slice of Life post because I was too mentally exhausted. Last Friday I found out that my dog Pepper is sick and the weekend became a blur after that. We have wellness plans for our dogs and part of that plan is a comprehensive exam […]

Vampire Sock Monkey Cookies


Today we’re shifting from owls to vampires but not just any vampires. These are vampire sock monkeys. They are probably the most feared of vampires because they draw you in with their cuteness and then suck the life out of you. LOL! Before I share how I made the cookies, let me show you the […]

Halloween Owl Cookies


Halloween is approaching fast. I know I sound like a broken record when I tell you that I don’t like the holiday but it’s the truth. I can totally do without it. My friends won’t let me though. They have invited us to a cocktails and costumes party on Saturday. Costumes are mandatory. Oy! Thank […]