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Slice of Life Sundays: 9-15-13

I’m trying something new today. As a blogger I would say that the majority of my posts are pretty technical and straight to the point. I don’t really share too much personal stuff. I thought I’d try these “Slice of Life Sundays” posts to wrap up the week and let you know what’s been going on with me, what I’m loving, what shows I’m watching, etc. Basically anything that’s on my mind.

As most of you know I was on vacation the first week of September. It was wonderful and relaxing. I got used to being off work. This week back at work was rough. I had to get used to 4:30-4:45 wake up times again so that I can leave my house by 5:30-5:40. By Friday I was pooped. I didn’t have any energy left in me. I’m hoping that next week will go smoother.

I’ve been dieting or should I say that I’ve been trying to diet. I still have moments of weakness. Ahem.

With all my health struggles over the last couple of years I gained a lot of weight. I’m definitely an emotional eater and pack on pounds when I go through rough patches in life. By August of this year I weighed the most I have ever weighed in my life. When I met my husband in 2003 I was skinny but by 2009, when we got married, I weighed the most I had ever weighed. Well now I have surpassed that. From 2009 until now I have fluctuated in gaining and losing weight. I’ve done Weight Watchers a couple of times and it definitely works but this last time that I tried it I just didn’t have the right mental mindset to keep at it.聽In August I got mad at myself for getting this far off track and I decided that I was going to change it.聽I haven’t lost a whole lot of weight in my first month but that’s okay. What I’m working on is consistency. Due to the problems I have in my back and wrists I have to learn what works and what doesn’t work for my body. I’ve had some days where I’ve worked out hard and felt good but then by the next day I’m down and out for two days because I’m in pain. I’d love to hear what you’re favorite workouts are.

Let’s talk TV. This week I was really sad because one of my favorite shows Burn Notice ended for good. I’m really going to miss that show and I cried like a baby when it ended. Another show I love, Graceland, had it’s season finale this week. If you’re not watching this show you need to be. It’s full of suspense and drama and there’s also some really hot guys to look at. Gotta love that! You’ve got until next summer to catch up on season one. Another show I’m loving, The Bridge, will have it’s season finale this Wednesday. I have had a love, hate relationship with this show. When it first started I thought it was kind of slow and boring but then it got really good and I got hooked. Warning: this show does have violence, language and sexual content in it. So You Think You Can Dance ended this week too and I was very happy with the results. I pretty much knew who was going to win from the moment the show started. Sometimes you can just recognize stars in the making right away. Although I’m sad that my favorite dancing competition has ended until next season it’s okay because Dancing with the Stars starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear “Live from Hollywood”.

Here’s a wrap up of this week’s posts in cased you missed them:

Candy Corn Cupcake Cake – A tutorial showing you how to put this cupcake cake together.

Sweet Talk: Sweet Temptations by Nicole – Another installment of my interview series where we’re getting to know cookie and cake decorators better.

Here are some things that I saw on Pinterest and on blogs this week that caught my eye.

Toffee Pretzel Peanut Butter Cookies {Crazy for Crust} – You can never go wrong with a drop cookie and one that has peanut butter in it is an instant win.

Chocolate Pudding Brownie Cookies {Heather’s French Press} – My local grocery store sells a chocolate drop cookie that tastes like and has the texture of a brownie. I can’t wait to try these because if they are like the cookies in the store then I will be in heaven.

Starbucks Pumpkin Pound Cake {The First Year Blog} – You’re probably going to think I’m weird because I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like it. I’ve only been to Starbucks a few times in my life to get a hot chocolate and that’s about it. I’ve never tasted their pumpkin pound cake and that’s okay. I don’t need to now. This one looks just fine to me. I can’t wait to try it.

Pear and Ginger Cake {Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies} – I just love loaf cakes. The pairing of pear and ginger sounds wonderful. My list of sweets to try is long but this is going on it.

Best Ever Chocolate Oatmeal No-Bake Bars {Money Saving Mom} – My co-worker told me that she tried these and they are the best bars ever. She said that you can’t just eat one. I’m going to make some today so that I can have a healthier sweet snack to take to work. I have to stop eating candy bars.

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch聽{551 East Furniture Design} – I really hope this works because with two dogs my microfiber couch is looking really sad.

That’s it folks. Hope you have a wonderful week!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love what you are doing with your blog!!

    I’m right there with you on the struggles of weight gain. I have also done weight watchers and it does work, but as you said, you have to be there mentally. As the commercial says, “today’s a new day”.

  2. Love your Sunday blog post. It is so nice to ‘get to know’ so to speak, the cookie ladies you look up to!

    I too am having a huge struggle with weight, so I am right there with you too. I know that for my body, the paleo way of eating (little carbs, lots of protein/veggies)is best. But, I absolutely LOVE to bake, and run a baking/decorating business! That is so unfair! One day at a time is my new mantra….just one day at a time.

  3. I feel you on the diet changes. I’ll be discussing it more on the blog later, but I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which SUCKS. I’ve had to completely change the way I was eating (any type of bread spikes my blood sugar unfortunately!), and pretty much all sweets are out…until the baby’s out! 馃檪 I’m glad I don’t have too much longer to go – I’m kind of tired of it already and it has only been a week!

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