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Sweet Talk: Tami Renā’s Cookies

It’s time for another Sweet Talk interview. Today I’m interviewing my friend Tami of Tami Renā’s Cookies. Tami is such a total sweetheart. We met online last year and I’ve enjoyed following her cookie journey. Over the last year I have watched her grow as a decorator and I’m always excited to see what she does next. One thing I absolutely love about her is her enthusiasm. She’s always excited to decorate cookies even if they are challenging. In fact, she participated in every one of our inspiration challenges. What a trooper! She is not only a talented decorator but one of my closest friends. I can talk to her about not only cookies but about life. She is someone that I admire and inspires me. Thanks for joining me today Tami. Take it away.
Hi everyone!! I’m Tami from Tami Renā’s Cookies. You can follow me over at my blog here or visit me on my Facebook page here.

Now that you know where to find me, I will tell you a little about myself.  I am married and am a very proud mother to two adult children.  My daughter lives with her family 7 1/2 hours away and my son and his wife are following their dreams and living in New York.  To keep me sane from the distance between us, I have my doggie Rosco aka “Pookie”.  I am also a Grandma!!  Yep, that’s right, a very happy Grandma. They are the light in my life.  My granddaughter is 3 1/2 and my grandson is 9 months old.  I cannot remember what my life was like without them.  They bring so much joy to our family. They are also the reason we have an incredible amount of miles on our vehicle but it is worth every mile to get that great big hug and see their smiling faces.  I have always been a firm believer that God has given each one of us a special talent.  Mine just took a long time to surface.  And it happened on accident, a happy accident……………

Tell me about your name. Why did you choose Tami Renā’s Cookies?
I could not think of anything else.  Hahaha.  When this hobby began, my family encouraged me to share my cookies on a blog and Facebook page.  We sat around one evening trying to come up with a name.  It seemed that everything we came up with was already being used in one way or another.  As in our true family fashion, the evening took a quick spin and the silliness of finding a name began.  I just finally had to make the decision that I would just go with my name.  Not only is my first name spelled differently than the normal, so is my middle name.  I know my middle name is mispronounced quite a bit, so if you just add the long vowel sound over the “a” that should help.  I like it, it’s different and it’s me.

Where do you live?
I live in a very small town in central Illinois.  We are surrounded by beans, corn and an Amish community.  No matter where we travel in our little town, we always manage to see a horse and buggy tied up at the local Dollar General or pass one going down the road.

How long have you been baking?
I would have to say that I have been baking since I was in junior high.  I can remember living at home and baking chocolate chip cookies.  That was actually the only thing I knew how to bake.  I thought it was awesome that I did not have to ask my mom for the recipe, I could get it straight off the package of chocolate chips.  After I got married in the early 80’s, I tried to enhance my baking skills by fixing the occasional apple pie.  Then my life got busy raising my children.  My baking had to be put on the back burner for another time.

Is baking a hobby or a business?
Cookies are a hobby for me.  I work a “real” full-time job in Accounts Payable during the day.  Cookies are saved for my weekends.  Normally I bake on a Friday evening and spend Saturday and Sunday decorating.  I have found the decorating process to be very therapeutic.  To be honest I have become obsessed with decorating.  My family teases me that they are going to hold a cookie intervention soon.

When did you discover your love for decorated cookies?
My granddaughter’s 2nd birthday party was approaching and my daughter wanted to have a “bird-day” theme.  The original idea was to have cupcakes with a bird topper.  I started searching the internet for bird templates and cute bird cupcake toppers.  By pure chance I discovered Sugarbelle’s blue bird cookie that you can see here.  My daughter and I fell in love with them.  I guess because I found the birds, I was chosen to do the cookies.  I have to admit, I did not have a single idea what I was doing.  In fact, I did not even have a sugar cookie recipe.  I had absolutely no idea what royal or glaze icing was. Google search became my friend very quickly.  I looked over sugar cookie recipes, royal icing and glaze recipes and many, many YouTube videos.  The cookies were a huge success at the party.  I cannot tell you the joy that comes from within when you hear someone say, “these look amazing” or “these taste wonderful” always ending in, “did YOU seriously make these?”

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Just about everywhere.  Cards, magazines, clothing, wallpaper, rugs…..just about anything I look at I want to cookie. I have been known to take pictures of items in stores just to cookie.  As I write this, I probably have over 100 pictures on my phone of various items that I want to make into cookie form.  Guess where the most recent picture is from?  Wallpaper in the bathroom at a local restaurant.  Intervention anyone?

What one item in your kitchen can you not live without and why?
This is actually a hard question.  But I really do not think I could live without my microplane zester.  I love using it to soften up the edges on certain cookies.  Especially those hand cut cookies.

What is on your baking bucket list?
I know so many people who have a scrap booking room or even a sewing room. I would love to have a cookie room.  A place I can go to design and decorate cookies.

My favorite cookie by Tami. Look at that detail!

What three words best describe your cookie style/philosophy?
I’m not sure if I have actually found my style yet.  But I would love to share a simple yet silly philosophy. “If you want to make someone happy, bake them a cookie.”

Aside from cookies and baking what else do you like to do? Hobbies?
So funny you should ask this question.  My husband and I just purchased bicycles. There are so many riding events in our area and most of the rides have a 20 mile minimum.  So we have set a goal to possibly do an event this year.  So far we are up to 10 miles at a pace of 5 minutes per mile.  Not sure if this is good or not but we are having so much fun!!

Let’s have some fun now and do some rapid answer questions. Ready, set, go.

Royal or glaze?
I’m a royal icing kinda gal.

Chill or no chill?
No chill!!

Sift or don’t sift?
No sifting.

Thick or thin?

Outline & flood or one consistency?
Hmmm, I would say that I do both.  For me it just depends on the design and the look I am wanting.

Piping bags or bottles or both?
Piping bags

Thank you so much Melissa for inviting me to take part in your Sweet Talk.  You have pushed me out of my comfort zone many times with your challenges and become such a dear friend.  I would have never thought that a cookie obsession could lead me to have some of the most amazing friendships.

Thank you Tami. I love getting to know more about you. Y’all please visit Tami’s blog and Facebook page and show some love. 

Until the next Sweet Talk. Happy baking and creating friends. 


  1. Oh….This is so much fun! I am loving these Sweet Talks. I thought I had been stalking Tami long enough to see all her cookies and know everything there is to know about her, but for some reason, every cookie featured looks new to me, I think it is just because they are so amazing looking. Please keep doing these…I am loving them so much!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I loved reading about your story, love reading your blog. I’m so happy everyone loves to share their stories and how they got started doing cookies. I know I started out by doing them for my grand kids. So I pretty much started reading Facebook pages and then found y’all’s blog. Love how everyone shares their information so other ones like me can do it also, I’m just one to do it has a hobby. But my daughter has been on me to get my own Facebook page so I can share my pictures with you. I need to work on my pictures they are not has beautiful has yours but I’m learning how to do it little by little. My page name will be Sweet Southern Cookies. Y’all’s are very sweet cookiers so keep up the hard but beautiful work you do for everyone ��

  3. I’ve not seen much of Tami’s work and had so much fun reading the interview and checking out her work! Thanks for this fun series and Tami, you seem wonderful as a cookier and a person! 🙂

  4. This whole time I’ve been saying your name wrong! Oops! I know now!! And on top of that, I don’t think I realized you were another midwestern cookier! Hurrah!!

  5. Lovely to meet Tami! Great interview and she’s a very talented cookier. One my way over to her blog now 🙂

  6. Love your cookies and creations! I was just wondering how I can get a deeper reddish color to my flood icing for cookies? Thank you!!! 🙂 Ashley

  7. you’re so talented!!

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