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Talk Nerdy to Me Collaborative Project

I don’t consider myself a nerd. However, if you ask the people that teased me in school and called me a nerd, four eyes and all other kinds of names they would say I am. I was a good student who got great grades. People always wanted me to help them with their homework or they wanted to copy my answers when taking tests. Does that make me a nerd? I don’t think so.

When I was asked by my friend Lene of Not Your Everyday Cookie if I would like to be part of a nerdy Valentine’s Day project I said yes, of course. I love participating in collaborative projects but I’ll admit that I really struggled with this one. I Googled ideas and changed my mind about a hundred times. I kept thinking who do I consider a nerd? Only one person kept coming to mind. Milton from Office Space.

If you’ve never seen the movie then the cookie and the saying will probably make no sense to you. I put my edible markers to use again designing this cookie and you’ll see them again soon. I was proud of myself for actually sketching Milton instead of using an image from the internet on the cookie. I’m horrible at sketching but I think I did alright.

Now take a look at all the other wonderful cookies in this project. Be sure to visit their sites and show them some love.

1. Jennifer – Not Your Momma’s Cookie
3. Cristin – Cristin’s Cookies
4. Jill – Jill FCS
7. Kim – The Cookie Puzzle

I’m so happy to be a part of this project with all these wonderful and talented ladies. Thank you for putting this together Lene.

-February’s Inspiration Challenge is famous couples. You have the whole month of February to link up cookies you’ve created with a famous couple. All the details and the link up are here.
-Simply Sweet Saturdays link party is still up and will end on Friday evening. You can see the current link party here. Join me every Saturday for a new link party and share your sweet creations, crafts, DIY’s, etc.


  1. Your sketch is fabulous! I had to sketch my grumpy cat cookies too and it is a bit of a pain 馃槈 LOVE these cookies!

  2. WOW! I love your cookie…and your sketch is great….Great Job! You have mad talent girl!

  3. Great job Melissa!! Awesome sketch work. Now you have me wanting to use my edible markers for other things than what I have used them for.

  4. AWESOME sketch!! Wow! I can’t draw to save my life!

    When you emailed your photo, the first thing I did was show my husband. He LOVES the movie and Milton is his favorite character. One day, it will be his Halloween costume. We also loved your “heart on fire”! 馃槈 Awesome cookies!

  5. Love your Milton cookies!

  6. I’m a huge fan of Office Space and Milton (with his red Swingline stapler) is my favorite. Your sketch is great! Totally captures Milton!!

  7. Love seeing other cookiers sketches, This is wonderful!

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