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President’s Day Collaborative Project

I’m so excited to share this amazing President’s Day project with you. It was coordinated by the very talented Anne of Flour Box Bakery. Anne assigned each of the participants one of the forty four Presidents. A few of the participants made more than one. This is the largest project I’ve been a part of.

Since history was never my favorite subject in school I thought it would be neat to be a part of this and learn a little something in the process.

I was assigned Millard Fillmore. President Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States from July 9, 1850 – March 4, 1853. He was Zachary Taylor’s Vice President and assumed the role of President after Taylor died. He was the last member of the Whig Party to hold the office of President. He was a controversial President because he had different views on slavery. He was a supporter of the Compromise of 1850. When he became President the entire cabinet office offered their resignations and he accepted them.

Now that you know a little bit about Fillmore let’s take a look at the other forty three Presidents.
1) George Washington by Sarah of Sweet Surrender Cookie Co.
2) John Adams by Nicole of Life’s a Batch
3) Thomas Jefferson by Sarah of Songbird Sweets
4) James Madison by Georganne of Lila Loa
5) James Monroe by Anne of Flour Box Bakery
6) John Quincy Adams by Liz of Arty McGoo
7) Andrew Jackson by Tiffany of The Red Cooky
8)Martin Van Buren by Jill of Jill FCS – Funky Cookie Studio
9) William HenryHarrison by Christina of Sweet C’s Bake Shop
10) John Tyler by Kim of The Cookie Puzzle
11) James K. Polk by Debbie of D&T Designs
12) Zachery Taylor by Stephanie of Ellies Bites
13) Millard Fillmore by Melissa of Simply Sweets by Honeybee
14)Franklin Pierce by Kris of So Cute Cookies
15) James Buchanan by Lene of Not Your Everyday Cookie
16) Abraham Lincoln by Debbie of Sweet Creations by Debbie
17) Andrew Johnson by Liz of Cookies To Go
18) Ulysses S. Grant by Rebekah of Love at First Bite
19) Rutherford B. Hayes by Heather of Twins Plus One Goodies
20) James A. Garfield by Teresa of Sugar T’s Cookies
21) Chester Arthur by Alyse of B.E. Sweet Treats
22) Grover Cleveland by Kimberly of Barefoot N Baking
23) Benjamin Harrison by Laurie of Cookie Bliss
24) Grover Cleveland by Kimberly of Barefoot N Baking
25) William McKinley by Susan of Sweet Williams Cookies
26) Theodore Roosevelt by Heather of Sugar Nosh Treats
27) William Howard Taft by Sarah of Sarah’s Sweet Shoppe
28) Woodrow Wilson by Cheryl of The Sugared Apron
29) Warren G. Harding by Shannon of Artfully Delicious Cookies
30) Calvin Coolidge by Stephanie of Ice My Biscuit
31) Herbert Hover by Fumie of A+ Kakesweets
32) Franklin D.Roosevelt by Christine of Chris’ Creative Confections
33) Harry S Truman by Kim of Sugar Rush Custom Cookies
34) Dwight Eisenhower by Monica of Cookie Cowgirl
35) John F. Kennedy by CeCe of The Tactical Bakery
36) Lyndon B. Johnson by Jennifer of One Kookie Cookie
37) Richard Nixon by Jackie of iBakery
38) Gerald Ford by Georgeanne of Lila Loa
39) Jimmy Carter by Jennifer of OneKookie Cookie
40) Ronald Reagan by Melissa of TheBaked Equation
41) George Bush Sr. by Penny of LuckyPenny Cookies
42) Bill Clinton by Laurie of CookieBliss
43) George W. Bush by Sarah of Sarah’sSweet Shoppe
44) Barack Obama by Teresa of SugarT’s Cookies
Here are all the Presidents together. It’s so awesome!
A special thanks to Anne for putting this together. Thank you for all your hard work.


  1. Wow… The talent bucket overfloweth!!!

  2. What a fun project!

  3. These are so good. Did u have to take an art class to learn to draw?

  4. Love your cookie….What a fun project! I can not wait to see all the cookies! For someone who does not like History…your cookie looks great!

  5. Love your cookie set! The vintage look is awesome.

  6. Fabulous Fillmore! Wow!!

  7. What a super-fun cookie collection. I just LOVE them all, what detail and thought that went into them. What a great project.

  8. One word….WOW! You all rocked this…true artists!

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