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Photography Tips {Coupler Rings & Scrapbook Paper}

I’m anxious to show you the cookies I’ve been working on recently but unfortunately I can’t post them yet because they are for collaborative projects. So today I thought I’d share some photography tips with you. Specifically I’d like to talk about coupler rings & scrapbook paper.

I mentioned in this post about my photography set-up that I use coupler rings when I photograph cookies. I use them to prop my cookies up and give them a different angle than a cookie just lying flat. I believe it gives the cookies a little more interest.

Also in that post you will see that I used a wooden cutting board to photograph my cookies on. It’s great to use because it’s food safe and can be easily washed. I love the way my cookies look on it but I was growing tired of using the same background over and over in my pictures. I began stocking up on scrapbook papers when I learned that my friend Kim was using them in her photos and there are ones that look like wood. I love the look of wood in photos if you can’t tell. The only thing that made me hesitant about using the scrapbook papers was that oils from the cookies could ruin the papers and also I didn’t know how many people had touched the papers and well that’s kind of gross.

The coupler rings are a great way to solve those issues by elevating the cookies off of the paper. Here you can see that the cookie is not laying on the paper. I simply balance the cookie on the ring.

Now if you’re not too concerned about the cookie slightly touching the paper then another thing I like to do sometimes is place the ring under the top portion of the cookie only. This is how that looks.
It’s a pretty similar look but a slightly different angle. It all comes down to personal preference. Sorry for the plain white cookies but it’s all I had available for an example. 
So next time you’re photographing your cookies consider using coupler rings to prop up your cookies. You can even use them on a plate or platter too. Try mixing it up and prop up some cookies with them and leave some without.
Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you’re having a great week. I’ll be busy this weekend working on cookies for Valentine’s Day and a surprise baby shower. 
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  1. Great post! I need to bust out my coupler rings…I had never thougth to totally balancing the cookie on the ring, I had just been using it to prop up the top. teach me something new every day!

  2. What a neat trick! I’ve used scrunched up plastic wrap to angle cookies forward – a coupler would be even easier!

  3. Awesome post! I have just started purchasing scrapbooking paper for this very reason. Ever since your last post on using your coupler to balance your cookie, I’ve been sold. Your blog has been so helpful to me and this addiction. Still working on the photography thing. But I am starting to think that it’s just not my cup of tea. LOL

  4. Great post!! I’ve never thought about the couplers!! I actually used your trick today and they worked PERFECTLY!! I started using scrapbook paper because of Kim, as well!! =)

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