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Ballet Cookies

Do you listen to music when you decorate cookies? I do. I get lost in the music and it makes the decorating go faster. Do you dance when you decorate cookies? I do. When I’m waiting for cookies to dry, so I can move on to the next step, sometimes I’ve been known to get up and dance around the room.

So now that you know some personal stuff about me let’s move on to the cookies. I was asked by a friend if I could make some cookies for her daughter’s ballet recital. I was more than happy to make them. She requested simple scalloped cookies with ballet shoes on them. The colors are white & purple. Here’s what I came up with.

Do you know how hard it is to photograph purple? It always comes out looking blue. Fortunately I think I was able to capture the purple color pretty well in the photograph. By the way I’m going to point this out so that you can see how crazy my brain works. I did not notice until I was writing this but I did not place the cookies correctly. They should be turned a little more clockwise. It’s not fun having a brain like this because sadly I do not care for most of the cookies I make. I find flaws in all of them.

Anyway, I really hope Sydnie and her friends enjoy the cookies and have a great recital.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I agree about the purple being so hard to capture. I have some Halloween cookies on my page that were truly purple but look anything but in the photos. These are great btw. Love how clean they look.

  2. I think your cookies are lovely! I love the little tiny bows and your dotted border is perfect.

  3. Ugh…purple and orange are my enemies! I have a decorating playlist! These are so pretty and perfect, M!

  4. My purple never gets photographed as true purple. You did a great job in the photography and in the cookies themselves. I’m thankful that I’m not in your head about the positioning of your cookies! I always wonder when I hear things like that if people find little things that could be done better/differently that I just don’t see or take the time to care about! Hopefully you look at other’s cookies with a smile and learn to look at your cookies that way too. These are just gorgeous and I’m sure the little girl and family LOVED them!

    • Thanks Cristin! My head is a scary place to reside. LOL! It’s only with my cookies that I am this way. When I look at others cookies all I see is the beauty. I’m learning slowly to love mine and not be so critical. It seems that the cookies that I have liked the least seem to be the ones that get the most compliments by others. I need to learn to just let it go.

  5. Love these! The purple is perfect!

  6. These are absolutely adorable! My little ballerina daughter would love these. Thanks for sharing.

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