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“Will You Be My Cinderella?”

Do you have children that are getting ready for school dances or do you know someone who’s child is getting ready for a school dance? Well I have an idea for you but before I share it I have to share with you that I never went to any of my school dances growing up. Sad but true. Until my junior year in high school I wore glasses, was awkward, shy and a bit of a nerd. I was one of those girls that everyone wanted to copy off of in class or they wanted me to do their homework for them. I graduated in the top 10% of my class. I wasn’t exactly dance material back then. Junior year I got contacts and boys started to notice me but it still didn’t help me get asked to a dance.

Fast forward several years (let’s not say how many) and I’m at work talking with my friend about her son’s school dance coming up. I think I talked her ear off about my sad, lame existence in school and how I didn’t get to go to any of my dances. She said she thought her son should go even if he didn’t have a date. Oh my goodness….I thought about how shy I was when I was in school that the thought of asking someone to a dance was out of the question. All of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head. I told her that if her son was interested in asking someone to the dance that it would be so neat to give the girl cookies to ask her. What girl could deny being asked to a dance with cookies? My first thought was a dress, a suit and maybe a disco ball. Well I’ve always been a dreamer and I thought if this was me getting the cookies how would I want them to look. My girlie, I believe in fairytales brain came up with Cinderella. So let me present the “Will You Be My Cinderella?” collection.

I’m not going to do tutorials because the post would be way too long but instead I’ll try to break down what I did for each cookie. I’m not very good with character cookies and I didn’t want the cookies to be Cinderella cookies but more the idea of Cinderella. I wanted to make cookies that represented the fairytale. So we have a suit representing Prince Charming. I have made a suit cookie in the past using a heart cutter so I knew I wanted to do something different. I was inspired by the tuxedo cookie that Alison from Ali Bee’s Bake Shop made using a present cutter. I knew I wanted to try this cookie but make it my own by making a suit instead of a tuxedo.

Next, we have the dress to represent Cinderella. I Googled a picture of Cinderella. I didn’t want to make an exact replica of her dress but instead I chose to take the front poofy part of the dress and translate this onto the cookie. I love dimensional cookies so after the dress was dry I added the poofs on top. I wanted a simple but elegant looking dress.

I Googled a disco ball and just free handed all the squares on the cookies. I flooded alternating squares and let those dry and then came back and flooded the rest. This allowed for more dimension. I used a thicker 20 second icing to flood hoping to avoid the dreaded air bubbles but I still got a few. After the cookie was completely dry I sprayed it with Wilton’s Silver Color Mist to try and give the cookie that mirror ball look. Of all the cookies I like this one the least because what I envisioned in my head was so much better than the actual result. It doesn’t have enough dimension and shine. Also, even though I waited for sections to dry in between flooding they still ran together in places.

The next cookie is the slipper. How in the world do you capture a glass slipper? The closest I came was to ice the cookie white and spray it with Wilton’s Pearl Color Mist. Originally I had left the shoe opening un-iced but I didn’t like the look of it so I decided to ice this part grey for shadow. If you use Color Mists make sure you have the right one in your hand before you start spraying. I accidentally started spraying them silver instead of pearl. Thankfully it didn’t ruin it.

I thought Prince Charming should give Cinderella some flowers so I decided to make a bouquet. In my growing collection of cutters I did not have a bouquet cutter. This is when I banged my hand against my forehead. I stared at cutters for the longest time and then suddenly I had a Sugarbelle moment. I decided to take a shell cutter, a bow cutter (I bought this in the clay section at Hobby Lobby) and a shovel cutter and piece them together to make my bouquet. I was so proud of myself. I used a Wilton #102 tip to create five petal flowers and used a sugar pearl in the center. After these dried I added leaves with a Wilton #65 tip. Thanks to Ali Bee’s bow tutorial I finally made a bow I was proud of.

Like Cinderella’s fairytale I wanted all the fun to end at midnight so again I used Google to find an image of a clock. With a little help from my Kopykake I had a clock that I just love. To make the clock have a little pizazz I outlined it with a Wilton #5 tip in gold. I waited for it to dry and then sprayed it with Wilton’s Gold Color Mist. Then I flooded the white section, let it dry completely and then added the details.

Finally, the cookie that says it all….”Will You Be My Cinderella?”. I used the large fancy square cutter from Copper Gifts and wrote on the cookie using the technique I showed you in my last post. The flowers were made with blobs of icing that were allowed to dry and then swirls of icing put on top of the blob to mimic roses. The leaves are made with a Wilton #65 tip.

The idea that has been stirring in my head is finally out of my head and on cookies. I absolutely love theme cookies. I’m a dreamer. The passion for me is in the creative process. I love the idea of representing a character, movie or theme without actually making specific characters. For example, one of my favorite sets is the Harry Potter cookies I made for my dad. I wanted to capture the things that I felt represented Harry instead of trying to make Harry himself. I’m looking forward to doing more theme cookies in the future.

You may have noticed that I mentioned Google several times in this post. Google is your friend. There is a vast array of ideas out there to help you when designing cookies. Sometimes I’ll know exactly what I want to do with a cookie but other times I’m stumped so I turn to Google and view images to try and get my creative juices flowing. The picture below shows my creative process which changes a lot when I decorate. For example, I was originally going to make a pocket watch but decided to go with a clock instead. Also, my bouquet was going to have drop flowers but that got scratched when I didn’t like the way they were looking when I practiced them on parchment paper.

If you have not read this beautiful post by Ali Bee about using inspiration then please do. She says it best.

I hope you enjoyed this idea as much as I do. This collection could easily be changed to “Will You Be My Prince Charming?” if a girl is going to ask a guy to the dance.

Thanks for stopping by! Time to start dreaming again. 🙂


  1. WOW WOW WOW Melissa! These are so beyond amazing! Gosh I’m so in awe of your talent! These just blew my mind. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. LOVE!!!! These are fabulous and I love your creativity! I promise, had a boy in school presented me with cookies like these, I would have gone to the dance with him. LOL I was like you though, the nerdy, goody two shoes that didn’t get asked to dances. LOL

  3. These are cookies are phenomenal. Gorgeous! Stunning! Does anyone have a thesarus, I am looking for more synonyms. It’s funny about inspiration. I can see patterns but I do not have cookie cutter vision. I love how some of you can mix and match cookie cutters to make the most imaginable things. Like Flour-De-Lis made piping bags out of a the carrot cutter!

  4. I love these Melissa!! It is such an original take on Cinderella! I love your creativity and your cookies are AMAZING!!

  5. I love love love love these. So perfect. What fond did you use for lettering? It’s perfect for cookies.

  6. That clock and the bouquet are out of this world!

  7. Your cookies are so gorgeous! Such talent!

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