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My Favorite Royal Icing Consistencies

Are you a procrastinator? Well I am. I would have thought it started at birth but my mom said I was anxious to enter the world and she was not in labor long with me. I don’t know where I got it from but all I know is that I am a procrastinator. In college I used to write twenty page term papers the night before they were due and get A’s on them. If I tried to write a paper sooner I did not do as well.

Fast forward to today and this bad habit has never left me. Saturday I was going to start working on cookies for my next post but I got caught up cleaning my house. When spring arrives I tend to have more pep in my step and this is when I try to accomplish everything I have been putting off during the fall. I guess that’s why they call it spring cleaning. The cookies got pushed to Sunday.

Today I was going to work on them but I decided to film a video about my favorite icing consistencies. I ran into problems with my computer saving the video and I had to edit it all over again. The cookies have gotten pushed aside again. What was supposed to be a quick video has turned into a long ordeal. Yikes!

I guess the great thing about being a blogger is that it’s okay if this type of thing happens. I don’t have to meet a deadline. So I promise you those cookies will be coming soon but until then please enjoy my ramblings on my favorite icing consistencies. I don’t know what it is about videos but as soon as I hit that record button my mouth goes dry and I get all tongue twisted. Also, I had to do some serious editing because it was way over ten minutes so I apologize if it’s choppy.

Important Notes:

There are many posts out there on icing consistencies. It is important for you to find what works for聽you. This聽video is meant to show you what I like to use so that when I do a tutorial you will know what Honeybee’s piping & flood consistencies look like.

I mentioned using the spray bottle technique that One Tough Cookie came up with. You can read more about that here.

I also mentioned the Saran Wrap method by Karen from Karen’s Cookies. You can learn more about it and see her video聽here.

Finally, I mentioned that I now use Glad Press n’ Seal that Jodi came up with. You can read more about it and see her video here.

Lynda—this video is for you. I hope this will help you with your writing on cookies. 馃檪


  1. Talk about being a procrastinator! I have had this page up on my computer since you posted it. I have been “meaning” to read it but I am one of those people who has to be in a “mood” to read things. I finally got in the mood! And I see my name at the bottom! Thank you so much! I am so glad you are liking the Press n’ Seal. I love it. Now, I’m going to watch the video. I just couldn’t put off writing you…I might have forgotten! <3

    Wonderland Cookie Company

    • I really do love the Press n’ Seal! I love the plastic wrap tip but your idea to use Press n’ Seal took it to another level. It’s so much easier & I don’t have to worry about icing coming out.

      As for being in the “mood” to read I can totally relate. I recently put the app Bloglovin on my iphone so I can have all the blogs I love in one place. I get so behind on reading all the posts. Facebook is another story. As my number of fans is growing I find it hard to keep up with it. I don’t know how you do it with so many fans. You must get tons of emails. Now you have a business about to start up. You must be a super woman 馃檪

  2. Ok, I just watched the video…

    I like the same consistency for both piping and flood. Lately my piping has been a little too thick, but I like it about where you do yours. Thanks again for mentioning me! And thanks for sharing your tips! 馃檪

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Your cookies are amazing. I clicked on the link to watch the “press ‘n seal” video, but it says you need to be invited to access it. Could you explain what it is, please?

  4. I just found your blog and have spent the last hour going over all your posts! I love your tutorials and your work is beautiful…I will be checking out your blog daily now that I have found it.

    I use the saran wrap technique for my icing but was very curious about the Press and Seal, but I see the blog that you linked to has been removed. Any chance you can easily explain just how it is done and differs from saran wrap?

    Thanks so much~

    • Terri it’s the same as the plastic wrap method just with press n seal. Cut a sqaure & place it sticky side up. Put your icing in the center of it & fold over one corner to meet another. Take your finger & press around the icing to seal it in. Then roll up as you do with the saran wrap.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Melissa!! I just watched your video and learned something new!! I was inspired about 2 years ago with cookie decorating, however I didn’t take action until Thanksgiving 2012 (flop) and December 2012 where I made 650 cookies and I think that I did a fabulous job on them for the first time decorating. I can’t remember which icing recipe I used, but when I decorated them, I didn’t have air bubbles or any other problems. Now I use a different icing that I found on one of the cookie websites and I have lots of air bubbles on the cookie icing after they have dried. I have not been able to create any cookies that compare to my Christmas cookies since!! Where can I find your icing recipe? Please direct me to the link. Thank you so much for your help…Fo Harris

    • I use Ali Bee’s icing recipe. You can find the link in the FAQ’s section of my blog. I have adapted the recipe to my liking but I would suggest making it as is with whatever flavoring you like and then changing it if need be to your liking.

  6. I tried to find the wonderland press n seal frosting tip but it wasn’t there. Would you show it? Thanks, Leslie

  7. I read your comment on how to use the press n seal. But I really need your recipe for royal icing. I couldn’t find it. Would you please let me know how you make it. The video on consistencies was a big help. Thanks, Leslie

    • Hi Leslie,
      If you look in the FAQ’s section of my blog there is a link to the recipe I use. I use Ali Bee’s royal icing. I have adapted it to my liking. I would suggest making it as is and then tweaking it if need be. Every decorator has to find their own favorite consistencies and it took me a good year to year and a half to find what worked for me.
      Thanks 馃檪

    • Thanks a bunch. Leslie


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