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April Showers Bring May Flowers

I’m a little early with this post since we’re not officially April yet but I’m gearing up for the rainy season. At least I’m hoping we have a rainy season after the drought we’ve had. It’s actually raining as I write this post so maybe this is a sign.

Below is where my inspiration for this collection came from. When I saw these boots on a recent shopping trip I knew they needed to be cookies but I didn’t want to just make boots. I wanted an umbrella and raincoat too. These cookies are simple to make and would make great additions to your spring cookie collections. I’m going to quickly show you how I made them.

What you need for the boots:
  • light blue piping & flood consistency icing
  • white, pink, purple, yellow & black flood consistency icing
Begin by outlining the boot. I chose to make a cuff and thick sole. Allow the outline to dry for a bit and then flood the cuff and sole with your flood consistency icing. If you don’t like the look of distinct outlines on your cookies you can outline and flood right away. To avoid bleeding allow this step to dry for a bit before flooding the rest of the boot.
Next, flood the inner portion of the boot. Do not let this dry. Immediately start piping dots, using a wet on wet technique, to form flowers. Add a back dot in the center. I found it easier to work with one color at a time.
This is what the finished cookie will look like. Allow to dry completely. Did you notice the dreaded craters? Arrrrgh! This is the same icing I used in my favorite icing consistencies video. I played with the icing a lot in the video to show the consistency & I think I put too much air in it. I don’t know. It should have been thicker but I didn’t know my design yet when I mixed it and I didn’t know I’d be using it in small spaces. I even popped any air bubbles I saw and I ran my boo-boo stick through it. Oh well it happens to us all at times. At least they have matching craters. Lol!
What you need for the umbrella:
  • white piping & flood consistency icing
  • light blue piping & flood consistency icing
  • pink, purple, yellow & black flood consistency icing
Outline & flood the top portion of the umbrella. Repeat the same process as the boots and make your flowers immediately with the wet on wet technique. Allow this step to dry for a bit to avoid bleeding issues.
Then outline & flood the bottom portion of the umbrella.
What you need for the raincoat: (Notice I’m using a present cutter again. Thanks Ali Bee for helping me see this cutter for more than just a present.)
  • yellow piping & flood consistency icing
  • black candy beads (for the buttons)
Outline and flood the cookie and while the icing is still wet drop in the candy beads.
Allow to dry completely and then using a 1.5 tip pipe on the coat details. I forgot to take a final picture of the coat by itself but you can see the details in the picture at the beginning of the post.
Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry but it got dark on me. I usually like to use natural light when photographing but I can’t always wait until there is light to make cookies. I’m trying hard to learn indoor photography so if you have any tips please let me know.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you liked this post and that you’ll try making these cookies.


  1. Love this post! Hi from Sweet Baking Boutique!

  2. Those boots and the umbrella are adorable!! I love the way you did the flowers:)

    I have a hard time with light at my house because the mountains block the sun so I made my own sunshine!

    • Thanks Lisa!

      I have a little sunshine but I made it before I knew about your little sunshine. The top is open & I didn’t trim the sides. It’s not pretty. When I first saw your little sunshine post I thought that didn’t work for me. Well I went back & looked at it again & I’ve decided that I’m going to give sunshine a try again except this time I’m making one like yours. Also, I’m surprised you use regular light bulbs and not photo bulbs. I have two photo lights on little tripods & they don’t seem to give the proper lighting. I’m definitely going to look into those clamp lights. Thanks so much!

  3. AMAZING! I wish I could flood so nicely and smooth like you! Can never do it :(( xoxo im following

  4. These are gorgeous!!! I love them!!!

    • Thanks Callye! Phew what a day! Thanks to you and a couple others that shared my picture my FB page was busy today. I don’t know how you do it with over 26,000 fans. I feel bad if I don’t like comments or like people’s pages that have liked mine. It’s hard to keep up with it all. I’m finally relaxing now.

  5. What was the cookie recipe that you used – i am still looking for the perfect one!

  6. These are so pretty!!! I want to put on those wellies and go out to jump and sing in the rain!!

  7. I can not believe you did these cookies 2 years ago! FYI…these are the cookies that made me start stalking you…the cookies that made us friends….so…in my book..THESE ARE THE BEST COOKIES EVER! Sending you a great big hug!
    Kim @ The Cookie Puzzle recently posted…Easy Orange Creamsicle FudgeMy Profile

  8. Hi! Your cookies are gorgeous . Just wanted to share some information- you may already know this by now but using a food dehumidifier helps so much with preventing icing craters. I have had great luck with mine. Your cookies are very inspiring!

  9. Amanda Conohan says:

    Did you hand cut these or do you have these cutters? Your cookies are so beautiful! I’m definitely going to try this! Thanks Amanda


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