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Two Birthday Cakes

This weekend was all about cakes and not cookies. I’ve taken a course at a local cake shop that is equivalent to Wilton’s course one. Mainly I took the course to be able to make cakes for my family. Once in a while I’ll get a request from a friend for a cake and I’ll do one, but I definitely would not call myself a cake maker.

The first cake I made was for my father in-law. It did not have to be anything in particular so this allowed me to try out a new technique. I decided to try a ruffle cake like one I saw on YouTube. I didn’t want the cake to look feminine so I chose to do a blue and white cake.

Overall I’m pleased with the cake. Since it was my first time trying the ruffle technique it definitely has some flaws but I think I learned a lot and the next time it will be better. One thing I learned was to finish each row of ruffles even with the top of the cake. On some areas I didn’t do that and that’s why when I added the top ruffle border it has some dips. I also should have ended in the back instead of in the front. I had to make two of the ruffles larger so that the colors stayed alternating. Ooops.

The next cake was for my co-worker. It was for her daughter’s birthday. It’s a rose swirl cake with fondant accents. This is not the first time I’ve made this cake. It’s the third time. It’s my favorite cake to make. No need to worry about buttercream being smooth since it gets covered by roses. What I did differently this time was to add little butterflies.

I would say the most difficult part of making the cake is the lettering with the FMM Funky Tappits. I have watched a few videos on YouTube and figured out that the tutorial from Edna is the one that works best for me. I still get frustrated with the Tappits but I’m getting better at it.

I got my inspiration to make this rose cake after seeing pictures of giant cupcakes with rose swirl tops on Facebook by many talented UK bakers. Since then I learned that i am baker had a great tutorial for a rose cake on her blog. It is beautiful. Maybe one day I’ll try the gorgeous vertical layer cake she made. Wow!

So that’s it. A busy weekend making cakes.


  1. Great cake

  2. Great blog looking very nice cakes thanks for sharing

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