Breast Cancer Cookies


This has been a crazy week for me. I signed up for OBC ’13 this year which is an online blog conference. The idea of attending a blogging conference without leaving the comfort of your home really appealed to me. The only problem is that I work full-time so I had to squeeze in time […]

Simple Monkey Cookies


I just finished this set of safari cookies for a friend and thought I’d show you how I made the monkey’s mouths uniform. It’s really simple and not a new technique by any means. First, I found an image of an oval online and scaled it down to the size I wanted before printing. I […]

Attaching Cookies To A Cake {Tutorial}


Today I would like to show you how I attached the cookies to the Autism Awareness cake I made for my guest post at The Cookie Puzzle. For the toppers I used bamboo forks and attached them to the back of the cookies with some royal icing. Once they dried completely I put the toppers […]

Inspiration Challenge: April {April Showers}


This month’s inspiration challenge is April showers. After last year’s rain boots I wanted to stay away from rain equipment. Tons of ideas ran through my mind but I wasn’t loving any of them. Suddenly it was almost April and I had no cookies. I had to hurry up and come up with something. I […]

Peek-a-Boo Bunnies {Simply Sweet Saturdays}


I know St. Patrick’s Day is not here yet but I feel like it’s okay to get the ball rolling on Easter designs now. I think I did pretty good holding off until now. I love Easter and hope that I will be able to post several designs this year. As a blogger that has […]

Storing Cookies While Decorating


When I began decorating cookies I used royal icing. I loved it and I still love it to this day. I love the taste and the texture of it. It wasn’t until later that I discovered there are people that don’t like royal icing because they say it’s rock hard and they also don’t like […]

Inspiration Challenge: March {Spring is in the Air}


It’s month ten of the Inspiration Challenge. This month Stephanie {Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies} and I chose “Spring is in the Air” as our theme in honor of March 20th being the first day of Spring. When I think of Spring I automatically think of flowers. I knew my design had to have flowers in […]

Fondant Accent Flowers {Simply Sweet Saturdays}

fondant flower accents

Do you ever feel like your feet are stuck in mud? Like the world is moving all around you but you are stuck. That’s what I’ve been feeling like this week. It’s like someone zapped all the energy out of me. I’ll spare you all the boring details but I found out I was sick […]

Mini Decorated Cookies {Simply Sweet Saturdays}


I don’t know about you but I’m glad Valentine’s Day is over. I’m ready for spring & Easter. I love the spring time. I love the weather and the fact that it doesn’t get dark early. I also love the colors and flowers. It’s just a beautiful time of year. I had a pretty busy […]

Valentine’s Fondant Heart Cookies {Simply Sweet Saturdays}


It’s time for week two of Simply Sweet Saturdays. This week I was all set to share a recipe with you but, as I prepared to make it on Friday, I saw that another blogger posted basically the same exact thing I was going to make. The ingredients varied slightly but it was the same […]