Rag Doll Bunnies aka Dead Bunnies


Are you ready to make rag doll bunnies (I hate calling them dead bunnies but that's what my friend wanted)? They are easy to make so let's get started. First you cut gingerbread men shapes and use the bunny head to cut off the heads of the gingerbread men so you're left with the body. Next cut your bunny head shapes and place them together with the body. I gently rubbed the two pieces together at the seam to help them adhere to each other when baking. I would suggest leaving the cookies on the pan to cool completely before moving them. Also, I like to decorate day old cookies because they … [Continue reading...]

Eclectic Cookies

I had trouble naming this post because these cookies do not fall into one particular category. A friend asked if I could make some cookies for his daughter's birthday. She is graduating high school this year and will be leaving for the Air Force. He told me that she loves penguins and pandas. I had this cute girlie idea in my brain for how I was going to decorate them. Well the idea changed when he asked if I could throw in some skull & crossbones and dead bunnies (yes I was thrown off by this). He wanted the cookies to be cute but not too girlie. He also said absolutely no pink and … [Continue reading...]

How I Like To Ice A Cake


I am a very impatient person. I just hate to do things that take too long. It still baffles me how I like to decorate cookies because of all the time spent waiting on the cookies to dry. Go figure. Somehow decorating cookies centers me I guess. Cakes, on the other hand, are a different story. On the few occasions when I make cakes I want them to be done quickly. Today I'm sharing with you how I like to ice a cake. Personally I don't think there is a right or wrong way to ice a cake (cake experts might gasp right now). I think it comes down to finding what works for you. Traditionally you … [Continue reading...]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Remember the Easter cookies I've been showing you in my last couple of posts? Are you ready for the big reveal of my Easter project? Well here it is.I have seen cakes on Pinterest and Facebook with cookies as accents. I got to thinking that I make cakes and I make cookies but I've never put the two together. I thought Easter would be the perfect opportunity to try it. I have a lot to do tomorrow so I had to get this project done today. I have no idea if the cookies will stay on until tomorrow since I've never done this before. So far so good. Let's hope & pray that … [Continue reading...]

Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny

Today's another quick post to show you the next set of cookies I made for Easter. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny. They're simple but fashionable bunnies. Always ready for a night out on the town. LOL! I wanted to keep my Easter designs simple this year. These bunnies are so easy to make. You simply pipe and flood your cookie and while the cookie is still wet drop in black candy beads for the eyes. For the female bunny I dropped in pink sugar pearls to give her a pearl necklace. I let the cookies dry overnight and then added the tails, noses, bow tie and eyelashes. Thanks Sugarbelle for the … [Continue reading...]

Easter Eggs & Sheep Cookies

I'm not a big holiday person. Maybe it's because I was born on Thanksgiving day. I don't know what it is but when holidays roll around I really don't get too excited about them. When I became obsessed with cookie decorating this mindset started to change a bit. How can you not like holidays when you decorate cookies? Some of the best cookie designs I've seen are done for holidays. This year I'm working on an Easter project which I will reveal on Saturday if all goes as planned. The first designs I have to show you are Easter eggs and sheep. The egg with the flowers was made using the wet on … [Continue reading...]

Piping, Flooding & Wet on Wet Technique


I was overwhelmed by the response that I got from my April Showers collection. It really warmed my heart to know that so many people liked my design. There were a few questions about how I made the flowers on the boots and umbrella. The flowers were made using a wet on wet technique. This is simply where you drop flood consistency icing onto a cookie that has just been flooded and is still wet. I learned this technique from Sugarbelle here. I'm using this technique again for my Easter cookie designs and I thought I would film myself doing it so that you could see it in action. I forgot that … [Continue reading...]

April Showers Bring May Flowers


I'm a little early with this post since we're not officially April yet but I'm gearing up for the rainy season. At least I'm hoping we have a rainy season after the drought we've had. It's actually raining as I write this post so maybe this is a sign. Below is where my inspiration for this collection came from. When I saw these boots on a recent shopping trip I knew they needed to be cookies but I didn't want to just make boots. I wanted an umbrella and raincoat too. These cookies are simple to make and would make great additions to your spring cookie collections. I'm going to quickly show … [Continue reading...]

My Favorite Royal Icing Consistencies

Are you a procrastinator? Well I am. I would have thought it started at birth but my mom said I was anxious to enter the world and she was not in labor long with me. I don't know where I got it from but all I know is that I am a procrastinator. In college I used to write twenty page term papers the night before they were due and get A's on them. If I tried to write a paper sooner I did not do as well. Fast forward to today and this bad habit has never left me. Saturday I was going to start working on cookies for my next post but I got caught up cleaning my house. When spring arrives I tend … [Continue reading...]

Mosaic Cross Cookies

mosaic cross cookies

Today we're making mosaic cross cookies. When I purchased this cross cutter from Hobby Lobby I couldn't wait to use it. It is substantial in size and has beautiful decorative edges. I was inspired to make these crosses after seeing a mosaic cross my friend had purchased for her daughter. Since spring starts tomorrow and Easter is right around the corner I chose spring colors to decorate them. Are you ready for a tutorial? Let's get started. What you need: white piping consistency icing (I used a Wilton #4 tip but this will vary depending on the size of your cookie) 20 second icing in … [Continue reading...]