Patriotic Crosses With Ruffles {Tutorial}


I had some leftover icing from the patriotic butterflies I made so I froze it. This was my first time freezing royal because I've heard mixed reviews on doing it. I will say that it froze just fine and when thawed it seemed slightly runnier than when I put it in but the color did not change at all. It was frozen from May 27th through June 9th. I will say that the only downside to freezing icing is that it takes quite a bit of time to thaw. If you're impatient this is not good. I would suggest taking it out the night before you need it. I also had several different shapes of cookies frozen. … [Continue reading...]

Inspiration Challenge: June {Fabric Patterns}

I never imagined that when I became obsessed with cookie decorating that it would lead me to meet some wonderful friends that share the same love and obsession for cookies that I do. One of these friends is Stephanie from Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies. Stephanie and I like to cookie for our friends and family. I guess you could say that we are hobbyists when it comes to cookie decorating. I expressed to Stephanie how sometimes it is hard to get motivated to make cookies just for fun and she came up with this great idea that we do a 12 month inspiration challenge. Each month we pick a theme … [Continue reading...]

Patriotic Butterflies {Tutorial}

Patriotic Butterflies

I'm attending a party for Memorial Day and I'm taking cookies with me to the party. On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I came across this butterfly and I knew that I wanted to cookie it. I had planned on making it for the Fourth of July but when I got invited to this party I decided to make them now. I'm posting this late to make them for Memorial Day but you will have plenty of time to make them for the Fourth of July. photo taken by me at Hobby Lobby To make patriotic butterflies you need: white fondant PME star plunger cutter yellow AmeriColor Gourmet Writer … [Continue reading...]

Vanilla-Almond Buttercream Recipe


I planned on posting this right after my Mother's Day cupcakes post but I started feeling blah this week. I suffer from a lot of joint pains and sometimes when I'm having a flare up it just knocks me down. I've been getting questions about what buttercream I use so I wanted to share my recipe with you. Please do not send me hate mail because my recipe contains vegetable shortening. I think there are some that will not consider this a true buttercream recipe. I live in Texas where it gets blazing hot in the summers. The shortening gives me piece of mind that my cakes and cupcakes are not going … [Continue reading...]

Mother’s Day Cupcakes {Video Tutorial}


For Mother's Day this year I made cupcakes for some of my friends and my mother in-law. My mother lives six hours away so she's getting virtual cupcakes. She is an amazing mom. She did a fabulous job raising my sister, my brother and myself. Thank you mom for taking such good care of us. I hope to be as good a mother as you one day. I love you very much! Happy Mother's Day! I made three types of flower cupcakes and boxed them up in sets of four. During my 500 Facebook fans giveaway I asked for ideas of what you would like to see tutorials on and decorating cupcakes was one of them. … [Continue reading...]

Airbrushing On Cookies {Roses}


This is going to be a really quick post. This is a busy weekend for me because I'm going to a crawfish boil today and tomorrow is Mother's Day. I had planned on doing this post last week or earlier this week as a Mother's Day idea but that didn't happen. Better late than never. When I saw SweetSugarBelle's Delft Easter eggs I immediately went out looking for stencils because I wanted to try this technique out. I found some Martha Stewart stencils I loved in the home decor section of Michaels Craft Store. These are the cookies I made using the stencil and an airbrush. I made a video of my … [Continue reading...]

Teacher Appreciation Cookies


Teacher Appreciation week is May 7th - May 11th. I made some cookies to show my appreciation to all the teachers out there. When I was in college Education was my major for a short time. I decided to change majors when it became too real that I was going to be in charge of molding children's futures. At the time I was not ready for that type of responsibility. I have the up most respect for anyone that teaches. Their job is not done just in the classroom. Work comes home with them. I think that far too many teachers are under paid and under appreciated. So I'm giving a nod to teachers … [Continue reading...]

Dogwood Blossom Cookies


I love flowers but unfortunately I have a black thumb. I have planted so many flowers over the years and I can't seem to keep them alive. The only flowers that seem to grow year after year without me tending to them are day lilies. I decided the best way for me to enjoy flowers will be through cookies. Today I'm going to show you how to make dogwood blossoms. These cookies are very simple to make. If you need a dogwood blossom cutter you can find one here. I made these cookies in three different ways to give you options. You will need: white piping and flood icing green piping … [Continue reading...]

500 Facebook Fans Giveaway

***GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED*** Winner announced below on the Rafflecopter widget.To celebrate reaching 500 Facebook fans I'm having a giveaway. I'm a little late with this giveaway as I now have 571 fans but I had a very trying week and I'm just now starting to feel like myself again. I started my Facebook page in January. In only three months I've reached another milestone. Thank you to everyone that follows me. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Do you remember when I shared how I stored my icing colors in a craft toolbox? Would you like one of these boxes to store your colors … [Continue reading...]

Skull & Crossbones, Pandas & Party Penguins


Skull & Crossbone Cookies: The skull & crossbone cookies are a simple design but I wanted to show you how they came together. One of my favorite decorating techniques is using another cutter to make an impression on a cookie before you bake it. This leaves you guides for decorating. I learned this technique from the amazing Sugarbelle here. I used two different sizes of heart cutters to leave impressions of the eyes & nose on the cookies. Next, I outlined the cookies with black piping consistency icing and allowed the outline to dry completely. Then I flooded the cookies … [Continue reading...]