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Hello there. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Houston has gotten some crazy rain and had horrible flooding. I’m sure many of you have seen pictures and videos on the news. Thankfully I live away from the flooded areas. We just got torrential rains last night with horrible thunder and lightning. Thankful to not be dealing with flooding.

I thought I’d pop in and do a post to just chat. Are you a person that hinders your own growth? I certainly am and wanted to talk about it. When I started blogging back in 2011 it was simply a blog to share my cookie creations with family, friends & potential local clients. I fell in love with blogging and wanted to do more. As many of you have seen I’ve added some craft projects to my blog. However, there’s something that always holds me up. Do you know what it is? It’s my name. Simply Sweets by Honeybee. I feel like I’ve limited myself to only blogging about sweets and it holds me back from doing everything that I want to do.

I have this conversation with my best friend Kim probably on a monthly basis. I tell her my frustrations and how I don’t want to spend more money to rebrand and she tells me you’re crazy to get so hung up on the name. Do whatever I want. It’s my blog. I tell her she’s right and I feel good about it. I have a new mindset and I’m ready to create but then my brain takes over. My crazy brain. You see I’m one of those people that overthinks everything. I will play things out in my head over and over imagining every possible scenario that can happen. When all is said and done nothing gets done. I have nothing created to blog about. It’s a vicious cycle.

With the advent of Periscope, which is an app that allows you to broadcast to people live, I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with speaking and recording myself. What I don’t like about Periscope is that it’s live and if you sound like an idiot it’s out there until it disappears after 24 hours. Thank God it disappears. I’ve only done two but I like the idea of sharing with others through video but I prefer editing so that I’m able to cut out the junk. This brings me to vlogging. I absolutely love following vlogs on YouTube and watching what others are doing. I don’t think my life is all that interesting but I’ve been contemplating doing some vlogs so you can get to know me and see some behind the scenes of what I’m working on. I would create a separate channel from my main YouTube channel because I know that not everyone is into vlogs or I may just label the video vlog and put it on my main channel and let people decide if they want to watch. Personally I would prefer the latter because Lord knows I can barely manage everything I do on a daily basis let alone having another channel to manage.

I also want to get past the name and just blog. I know some people are only here for the cookies and I understand if you’re not interested in anything else. That’s fine. However, at the end of the day I’ve got to do me. I just want to blog. Whether it’s cookies and tutorials or cards, crafts, painting, organizing my home, savory meals or completely random stuff. I just want the freedom to blog with no limitations. 

I have nothing against professional bloggers whose blogs are their job and their livelihood. I totally respect them and what they do. I wish I was them but this blog doesn’t pay my bills and it might never do so but that’s okay. I’m not in this to be a professional. I’m in it to express who I am and perhaps meet some really cool people who enjoy what I post.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you follow vlogs? Do you find them interesting and fun to watch? Do you like professional blogs or ones that are more real life (mistakes and all)?

Hope you’re having a great day. Talk to you again soon.

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  1. I am into cookie decorating and I follow you fir cookie ideas. I don’t care about the name.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Kate. I truly appreciate it. I definitely won’t stop doing cookies. I need to get back in the rhythm of making them more regularly. If there’s ever an idea you’d like to see just let me know. Thanks 🙂
      Melissa recently posted…Let’s ChatMy Profile

  2. I’m so much like You, Melissa! I came here because of the cookies, but I love that you craft and blog too. I love DIY and crafting, then I found card making and LOVE it. I’m a stamp and die-0-hoiic. I think for me, it’s something that never goes out of style and it keeps me entertained. But I re-think everything too. I’ve got a ton of videos to share, either making a card or a craft or a product haul, but just haven’t posted them for one reason or another. I don’t like something I said or my grandbaby was talking to me and I had to reply to her, etc. I personally like the blogs with people that are real. I also like blogs that are just, get right to it, card making. People will skip over what they don’t want anyway. What if you just add….and More to your blog name, if you feel its holding you back. You wouldn’t have to change the whole name. Keep being you and vlog if you want to. It’s just like doing video tutorials, only you’re in the camera. LOL I filmed myself a couple of times and hated them. Yes, it’s intriguing, but not right for me, right now. But you should do it because you are interesting.
    Paulette S. recently posted…PTI MIM #209:  White on White w/Pop of ColorMy Profile

    • Thanks Paulette! I love your videos. I checked some out. I think those of us that overthink end up hindering ourselves. I made my vlog channel and I’m just going for it. I’m ready to do a mix of cookies, sweets, cards and vlogs. I’m dealing with some issues with my parents aging and learning that life is short. We have to do what we love. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment 🙂
      Melissa recently posted…Pantry MakeoverMy Profile

  3. Hi Melissa! First let me say, your cookies are incredible!
    I personally think there is nothing wrong with blogging about whatever strikes your fancy regardless of your blog name. I do not follow any vlogs, but do find myself finding and watching one every now and then.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Brag About It! I hope you will join us again very soon!
    Laurie recently posted…Brag About It Link Party!!My Profile

  4. Hi! I can’t believe this! I’m going through the exact same thing. My blog is Mom ‘n Daughter Savings. When I first started it was about coupons and such. But then I got into a few other things, like addiction, my story and other things. For months I’ve been thinking about changing my blog name and I’m just scared to. Lol I don’t want to lose followers or mess up re-directing, so I just keep putting off doing it. And I do like watching videos and vlogs too. I get good info from those. But I think we should all blog about whatever we want. And yes I agree with Laurie, these cookies are amazing! Talk to you soon!
    Jody Cowan recently posted…Super Dad! Father’s Day Giveaway – 3 WinnersMy Profile

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