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Slice of Life Sundays: 6-8-14


Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

I finally got back in my kitchen to bake cookies this weekend. My friend’s daughter is having a dance recital and this will be the third year that I’m making cookies for her. I love to try and match one of their outfits. Last year I did pale pink tutus with flowers. This year they are wearing a pale pink color again for their ballet number and I didn’t want to do that color again. I’m being bold and doing black tutus as that’s what they are wearing for their tap number. They’ll be getting the cookies after the recital is over so I’m not too worried about black mouths. Lol! My friend said do whatever I want and that black was okay. So black it is. I’ll post a pic later this week when I finish them.

I’m hoping this set of cookies will get me excited about making cookies again. I have totally lost my mojo. I don’t feel like making cookies anymore and it’s so sad because I really love them and I think I’m talented at doing them. There are many reasons that I can’t cookie like I’d like to. The biggest one is my health. I never know when I’m going to feel bad so baking cookies consistently has not been an option. Another is that the cookie world has grown tremendously and it’s become so competitive. People get very protective of their designs. It’s not happened to me but I’ve heard that others have been confronted for copying someone else’s design. This is completely ridiculous to me and I guess there’s a part of me that fears that will happen to me and psychologically this blocks me from making cookies. It’s crazy I know. I think in any creative medium ideas are going to cross and you are going to find inspiration from others. There are only so many ways you can decorate a cupcake let’s say. I’m not that protective of my stuff. Anything on my site is open for anyone to recreate. I mean I make a lot of tutorials. I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t want people to make them. A link back is always appreciated to let people know where you got the idea from but I’m not going to blow a gasket if it’s forgotten.

The only thing I’m super protective about are my pictures. Given the amount of money I’ve spent on a camera, lighting, backdrops and props I’m not going to let someone use my pictures as their own. That’s a no no.

I’m loving the paper crafting community right now. I’m sure there are some that are protective of their work but mostly it’s a very sharing community. There’s even a term called CASE which stands for copy and share everything. There are even challenges based on it. You are given a sketch and encouraged to copy it but put your own little spin on it. Whether it’s changing the orientation or the shapes or patterned paper. That’s why I’ve been making so many cards lately. I’ve been feeling so inspired and I’m hoping that it translates to my cookies.

Anywho, I’ll get off my soap box now. It’s just something I’ve kept quiet about and I needed to get off my chest. I want to fall in love with cookies again and writing this down is part of the process to get back to that place where making cookies was fun and you didn’t have to worry when making them who might get upset. I rarely Google other cookies. I try my best now to use objects or art as my inspiration. Or I’ll use the best cookie dictionary out there. My cookie idol Sweet Sugarbelle. She has so many great tutorials out there that make it easy when you don’t feel like coming up with a design of your own. Like her bowing ballerinas which I’m working on right now.

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  1. Great post Melissa! I have said it before, no matter what you do, you excel at. You have a talent that goes beyond cookies. I feel like everything has to go back to the basics. For me it has to go back to the beginning of when I started decorating cookies. Sticking strictly with the blogs and videos that taught me to do what I am doing. No more googling cookies. There are beautiful cookies out there that can make a mortal like me feel less than perfect. I have to find my own inspiration, whether it be from going to Hobby Lobby and taking pictures (like the creeper that I am) or finding inspiration within my own home. This is how I started, before I realized how delicate the copying issue was or to have to worry about who thought of what first. I have always been one to give credit. It’s just the right thing to do.
    Tami @ Tami Rena’s Cookies recently posted…Paris Theme Cookies and ScribeMy Profile

  2. I hope you get your mojo back and come back to the cookie community. I think, for the most part, that the cookie gals love to share. There are so many that do tutorials and offer helpful ways for the cookie community to enjoy what they do. Like you, I don’t like it when someone takes my actual photo and says that it is theirs. I had one just last week that posted my cookies and listed them on Etsy to sell. That’s a no no. But I spoke with her and asked her to utilize the tutorial to make her own and post her own picture and she said that she was just being lazy and absolutely will make her own and post that as her picture. Easy peasy. The cookie community are all so nice and I’m so thankful to have stumbled on it. Come back to us Melissa 馃檪 we love you!

  3. What a great post. I too have lost my cookie mojo. I can not point at one thing, but it was really a combination of several things..part me and my life as it is now, and part other people. In the end, after much soul searching, I had to step away from the cookie community. I just did not have it in me to compete. I know that others will say, “It is not a competition”, but I found that to NOT BE TRUE. The clicks, the cattiness, the rudeness, the lack of respect and the total unwillingness to support others, I just could not do it. The saying that “Actions speak louder then words” is so true in cases like this. Others might not understand your feelings, and mine as well, and that is ok, we are all free to feel the way we want, but at the end of the day, I have to do what is right for me. I stepped out of the cookie community, and no one noticed. I did not receive emails or FB messages asking about me. The ones who love me for ME, reached out to me, the others, not so much. So…do they miss me? No. Do I miss the cookie community, sometimes…but I miss the “Sunshine and Rainbows” cookie community, not the “Selfish and Rude: one. I am so much happier, I am thriving doing what I love, I have found a new online community, one that supports me and what I do. I get emails of encouragement, that is how I know that I made the right decision. Stand in the light, and love will find you…Stand in the shadows, and the darkness will consume you. I choose sunshine. Sending you great big hugs, encouragement and love!
    Kim @ The Cookie Puzzle recently posted…Party in Your PJ # 6My Profile

  4. Melissa, In the cookie community as with anything else in life, we are inspired by others. Some have forgotten that ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery.’ When inspired by another cookie artisan’s design, I link back in my post so as to recognize their talent. If you enjoy decorating cookies, then go ahead and have fun. I’m a generation older than many of you and there comes a point in life where you don’t care about what others think and what a relief. You’ve heard the expression … “you cannot please all the people all of the time.” Don’t even try. I love your cookies and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog in recent months. Take care.
    Joan – My Cookie Clinic recently posted…GRADUATION COOKIES/ CommencementMy Profile

    • Thanks Joan :). I love your thinking. You are so right. We can’t please all the people all the time. I hope I can get to the point where I don’t care what other think. I’m almost there 馃檪
      Melissa recently posted…Berry Banana SmoothieMy Profile

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