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Slice of Life Sundays: 5-4-14


Happy Sunday! I’m celebrating the fact that I can type today. Friday I was down for the count. I had a wrist injection and my hand swelled up pretty bad. It’s never swelled like that before. My fingers looked like sausages. All is well today. Thank goodness.

We’ve been having mild, Spring like, weather the past few days and it’s wonderful. I thought we had been robbed of Spring because we went from cold weather straight to the 90’s. It was disgusting. Thursday morning it was 57.  The rest of the days have been cool in the mornings and the afternoons haven’t been too hot. It’s great! If we can hold off the 100’s I’m all for it because once they get here it’s miserable.

This week my best friend Kim of The Cookie Puzzle and I launched a Thursday evening link party called Party in Your PJs. You can see the first party here.


Do you like the name? I love it! If only you knew the amount of names we came up with until we found one that we both agreed on. Believe it or not a walk on my treadmill helped get the creative juices flowing and the name came out. We are happy with the turn out we’ve had so far. It’s an anything goes link party so there’s a good variety of posts. We hope you’ll join us every Thursday evening and show off your work. If you could spread the word that would be great. We can only grow with your help.

Those of you with Facebook pages are you as frustrated as me with your reach numbers? I have 6900 likes on my page and some of my posts have less than 200 reach. It’s pathetic. I miss the good old days when Facebook was awesome and your posts were seen. Now you have to pay to promote and this girl is never going to pay. Lol!

Did you watch the season finale of The Following? Seriously how hard is it to kill Joe Carroll? I guess without him the show doesn’t exist. I’m pretty sure he’ll escape from prison again on the next season or get another group of followers to do his dirty work while he’s in prison. After all that Ryan and Claire have been through it appeared that they may have their happy ending but then they went their separate ways. We’re left waiting to find out if they can really stay away from each other. The greatest part of the season finale was the Mike and Max kiss. It’s about dang time!

Dancing with the Stars is still amazing! I’m really enjoying this season. I think it’s one of the best if not the best that there’s been. There are several stars that are standouts and could take the mirror ball trophy. Unlike previous seasons where there was one maybe two standouts this season could be anyone’s game. I can’t wait for Mondays each week to see all the great dancing.

That’s it folks. Check back tomorrow for May’s Inspiration Challenge.

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