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Slice of Life Sundays: 3-16-14


Warning: This post may contain spoilers for Scandal & The Walking Dead.

Hello my friends. It’s been awhile since we last chatted. I didn’t do a Slice of Life Sundays post for two weeks. Truth be told I just wasn’t feeling it. As some of you know I’ve been struggling with a muscle spasm in my shoulder and back. It started in January and is taking it’s sweet time healing. I’m getting less & less flare ups so I’m confident that I’m close to not having problems with it anymore. I’ve had to take it easy which is hard for me. I always have 10 million things on my mind that I want to get done and not being able to do them drives me nuts.

Do you ever struggle to sleep at night because your brain will not shut off? This is me so many nights. My brain is constantly working. It’s thinking of things that I want to do. Not just here on the blog but in life. It’s really frustrating. I need to focus on getting better rest at night. Better rest will lead to better health.

I’ve been trying to drink more water lately. My whole life I’ve been a horrible water drinker. I just don’t crave it. Most of my fluids come from diet drinks and un-sweetened tea. I do indulge on occasion and drink sweet tea. Especially the one from Raising Cane’s. Goodness gracious it’s so good. Anywho, water is so important in our lives and I need to learn to drink it more and not with powders like Crystal Light. Just by itself. I’m always a work in progress. Lol!

Are you excited that Dancing with the Stars is back on tomorrow? I sure am. I just love dancing shows. I love that they’ll be adding the twist of making the stars change partners. That should make things interesting. I’m a fan of Nene Leakes and I hope she makes it far. I also love Meryl Davis and Charlie White. As Olympic champions they have a great chance of winning since there’s been past champions who were Olympians. We’ll see how it goes.

Are you a Scandal watcher? OMG! I never saw that ending coming with Jake. My buddy Kim thinks that the person he was talking to, that we never saw, was either David or James. That he has one of them there at B613. I had not thought of that. I knew the way the show started was a foreshadowing of what was coming but never thought it could be David or James there. Who did he shoot? Uggggh I can’t wait until next Thursday. I’m team Jake by the way. Which team are you?

Are you watching The Walking Dead? Last week’s episode with Daryl and Beth was intense. I don’t think that she would leave Daryl. Where did that car come from? I think someone took her. There’s only three more episodes left I believe. Will they make it to Terminus? Will it really be a safe place? So many questions and so little time for answers.

That’s it folks. I’m desperately trying to get my act together and get some projects done before I go on vacation in early April. I could technically do two projects when I get back, as I still have time, but I’d rather get them out of the way now. However, my procrastinator side is speaking to me. Tempting me not to worry about. That there’s still plenty of time. To go ahead and be lazy and watch TV. I hate that voice sometimes.

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  1. Hi Melissa! I can relate on the water drinking problem – have you ever tried MiO liquid flavorings? They have sweet tea and peach tea flavors, and zero calories.
    Anne @ Sugar Baby Bakes recently posted…Sweet Shortcut – Chocolate Icebox PieMy Profile

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