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My Favorite Cupcake Tools

Today I’d like to show you some of my favorite tools for making cupcakes. They are how I get all my cupcakes uniform in size. The first tool is a 1 5/8 oz #20 disher. I bought it locally at Ace Mart Restaurant Supply but you can search online and find them at many places. This size is perfect for standard size cupcakes. I loved this scoop from the first day I used it and I never make cupcakes without it. I also have a spatula on hand when filling my cupcakes. I scoop the batter and level it off with the spatula. This way all the cupcakes are uniform. Finally, I love to use grease proof cupcake liners. I find them to be sturdier than ones you buy at the grocery store or craft stores. They hold their shape well and don’t get greasy. I purchase mine at a local cake supply shop.

This weekend I bought a new pan for my cupcakes. It’s a 24-cup pan that I purchased at Ace Mart Restaurant Supply. Before this pan I used two standard 12-cup pans and had to bake one at a time because my oven can be a bit temperamental sometimes. I used it for the first time Wednesday night and let me just say that I love, love, love this pan. All my cupcakes done at once. Bam! Now I’m not saying that you need to rush out and buy this pan to make great cupcakes because my cupcakes came out just fine with the regular pans but if you choose to get one I think you will love it too.

Look at these beauties. My oven slightly bakes uneven but they are beautiful. When I shared this picture on Facebook I had recommendations to turn my pan halfway through baking. I have done that in the past with my other pans but I find that when I open the oven door and turn them that it causes the cupcakes to fall a bit. The uneven baking is really not that bad and they always taste great so I just leave them be. They get covered with icing.

Thanks for stopping by today to see my favorite cupcake tools. It’s almost the weekend. Woot!


  1. Great post…I have not made cupcakes in a long time…maybe it is time for me to bust out my pan and make some again. I love those wrappers, I have never used them,but will have to get some soon.

  2. Hi Melissa, where did you find the 24 cup pan?

    Thanks, Lorraine

  3. You make me want to start looking into making cupcakes now. I wonder if it is less stressful?

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