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Inspiration Challenge:January {New Year, New You}

Happy New Year! To kick off 2013 Stephanie from Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies and I are doing another inspiration challenge. This month’s theme is “New Year, New You”. We challenged ourselves to try a new decorating technique and we are encouraging you to do the same. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

My new “technique” is not really a technique but more of a medium. I chose to try my hand at glaze. I won’t lie and say that I have never tried glaze before because I did work with it once in a decorating class I took. The instructor made the glaze and it was in bottles. I nearly broke my hand trying to get the glaze out of the bottles. It was so thick and extremely hard to work with. When I left the class I knew that I would never ever work with glaze. I hated it and I was sticking to royal icing. You see I love royal icing. A lot of people complain that royal doesn’t taste good and that it is rock hard. I don’t feel that way at all. I flavor my royal icing well and everyone I know tells me it tastes great. I’ve also had people tell me that it’s not as hard as others they have tried. I believe the key to it not being hard is to immediately cover your cookies as each step dries. I never leave my cookies out all the time. They get covered throughout the decorating process and I believe this helps holds moisture in.

This time around I was in control of my glaze experience because I made it myself and decided what consistency I thought I could work best with. I used Cookie Crazie Pam’s recipe which you can find here. The only change I made was to flavor it with lemon which is my go to flavoring. I decided to keep my designs simplistic since the consistency of glaze is so foreign to me. I chose to do a Valentine’s inspired design since that’s the next holiday coming up. A design in honor of the love of my life. My husband doesn’t like to take many pics so this one is about eight years old. It’s one of my favorites from when we were a lot skinnier. Lol!

I wanted to see if I could still decorate the same way I do with royal icing. I’m an outline and flood gal so I began by outlining my cookies. I would say that this was about a 10 second icing consistency. You can see that the lines are not as sharp as royal. They don’t hold their shape as well.

Next, I flooded my cookies and allowed them to dry. I’m used to royal having a bit of a sheen but mostly drying dull so it was hard for me to tell if my cookies were dry because the glaze is so shiny. By the way I flooded with the same consistency as the outline.

Based on my knowledge of consistencies I knew that the 10 second icing was not going to hold enough of a shape for me to do details with so I had to thicken it up with powdered sugar. The consistency I decided to use was fairly thick but still soft. I didn’t want to go too thick and not be able to get it out of the piping bag. What I noticed is that although the dots stood up as royal does they still had movement and smoothed a bit. I allowed these dots to dry a bit and then finished by adding a center dot.
So what are my overall thoughts on glaze? I don’t hate it like I did before but it’s just not for me. I love working with royal icing and I don’t think I will ever stray away from it. It’s all about preference and as decorators you have to work with what you are comfortable with and enjoy.
Now I’m excited for you to see Stephanie’s cookies because I got to see a sneak peek and what I saw was awesome. Check out her amazing design here.
In case you wanted to see, here are the cookies I made in the decorating class with glaze. It was a baby and weddings class so the instructor chose the designs.
Now it’s your turn to show us your new year, new you designs. Link them down below. In honor of the month of love next month’s theme is “Famous Couples”. That should be fun. I already know what I want to do.
Thanks for stopping by and happy creating!


  1. These are beautiful. It’s amazing that you can work with glaze and make it look so perfect! I love the pictures you used too 馃檪

  2. Hello! My name is Ana and I’m from Spain. I come to your site by chance and I love everything you do. I have a blog of desserts: I invite you if you want to visit. Greetings.

  3. Oh Melissa, the cookies look great..I know it was a challenge for you to step out of your comfort zone, into the world of glaze…but you did a great job, and I am so proud of you! Thanks for your help with my RI, I could not have done it without you!

    PS The picture of you and Mr. Honeybee is so cute!


  4. I just got an order in for a cake topper – which is something completely new for me – I’ll need to find a way to support it or make it stand up, something I haven’t done before — needless to say, I’ll be linking up soon!! 馃檪

  5. I have tried glaze and I am not a huge fan either. And I totally agree about the taste of RI…I hate to even tell people that is what it is because it has that “bad taste” stigma attached to it. I actually use vanilla, almond and butter in mine and get nothing but rave reviews.

    I am so glad I found your blog! Now I must try something new so I can come back and join the “party”!

  6. Great job!!! I have never used glaze- I am also a RI fan. But I do admit I love the shiny look that glazed cookies have. I have been recently experimenting with putting a small amount of corn syrup in my RI. In theory- it can add a small amount of sheen to your icing. I made some over the holidays, but I did not notice a hug difference so I may try adding a bit more corn syrup next time. 馃檪

  7. Ahhhh, glaze terrifies me! But yours turned out so great–I might have to give it a shot! I broke out the airbrush that has been sitting in its package for MONTHS and gave it a whirl. I need more practice for sure, but thanks for the push to try something new!


  1. […] weather and didn’t get to make them until Friday. I wanted to do another submission for our New Year, New You Inspiration Challenge. I have only used fondant as accents on cookies but never used it to decorate the base of a cookie. […]

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