Piping, Flooding & Wet on Wet Technique


I was overwhelmed by the response that I got from my April Showers collection. It really warmed my heart to know that so many people liked my design. There were a few questions about how I made the flowers on the boots and umbrella. The flowers were made using a wet on wet technique. This […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers


I’m a little early with this post since we’re not officially April yet but I’m gearing up for the rainy season. At least I’m hoping we have a rainy season after the drought we’ve had. It’s actually raining as I write this post so maybe this is a sign. Below is where my inspiration for […]

My Favorite Royal Icing Consistencies

Are you a procrastinator? Well I am. I would have thought it started at birth but my mom said I was anxious to enter the world and she was not in labor long with me. I don’t know where I got it from but all I know is that I am a procrastinator. In college […]

Mosaic Cross Cookies

mosaic cross cookies

Today we’re making mosaic cross cookies. When I purchased this cross cutter from Hobby Lobby I couldn’t wait to use it. It is substantial in size and has beautiful decorative edges. I was inspired to make these crosses after seeing a mosaic cross my friend had purchased for her daughter. Since spring starts tomorrow and Easter is […]

“Will You Be My Cinderella?”

Do you have children that are getting ready for school dances or do you know someone who’s child is getting ready for a school dance? Well I have an idea for you but before I share it I have to share with you that I never went to any of my school dances growing up. […]

Writing On A Cookie Using A Kopykake


Have you ever had plans to do something and then everything that could happen that you did not plan on happens? Well that is what always happens to me. I was all set this weekend to work on my first tutorial and then work on a cookie project that’s been stirring in my head for weeks. […]

How I Like To Store My Icing Tips


I’m back from my weekend trip and I’m excited to start working on a cookie project that has been stirring in my brain for weeks. Do you daydream about cookies? Well I do. I can be going about my day and all of a sudden random cookie ideas pop in my head. I think I […]

How I Like To Clean My Icing Bottles


Today’s post is short & sweet. I wanted to share with you how I like to clean my icing bottles. I like to use a baby bottle brush to clean them out real good and dry them on a rack for baby bottles. That’s it! I’m sure most of you already do this but I […]

100 Facebook Fans Giveaway

The giveaway is now closed. The winner is comment # 14. Congratulations! I will be contacting you by email for your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. I enjoyed reading your comments. Some people have giveaways when they reach 1000, 2000 or 5000 fans on Facebook. Huge milestones! Well for me […]

Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)

This is an impromptu post. I was planning on posting some cookies this week but it didn’t happen. Instead, I made some marshmallow fondant (MMF). It was my first time making it and overall I’d say it was successful. Am I 100% sold on it? Not sure??? One of my friends has asked me to […]