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Pink Cookie Cutter Challenge

If you know my friend Cristin of Cristin’s Cookies then you know that she loves pink. It’s only fitting that the cookie cutter she made for her challenge would be pink. She sent each participant a cutter and none of us knew what the cutter was or even if we were getting the same cutter. The rules were that we were to design a cookie based on whatever we saw in the cutter and we were not to discuss it with any of the other participants.

The first thing I saw was a baby chick with a bow but I didn’t want to design it because I felt that others would see the same thing and I wanted to be different. When I flipped the cutter upside down I saw a giraffe but again I thought others would see that too. I decided to push my mind to see something so out there that my design would be unlike anyone else’s. 
This is what I came up with. A monster using two of Cristin’s favorite colors–pink & green.
Initially I was happy with it but then I started thinking that it needed something more so I added teeth and a tongue to it. This made all the difference. My pink monster came to life. 
Look at all the other designs that everyone came up with. It’s so neat to see how one cutter can create so much. Look at #11. Lene had a monster in mind too. Yay! Great minds think alike.

#1 – Aymee of Wacky Cookies –

#3 – Tiffany of Tiff’s Tasty Cookies –

#4 – Ansa of Sweet Treats by Ansa –

#5 – Shannon of The Sweet Shop Cookie Company –

#6 – Kristina of Kristina’s Kreations –

#9 – Margaret of Decorated Cookies (dba Edible Canvas Creations) –

#10 – Stephanie of Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies –

#11 – Lene of Not Your Everyday Cookie –

#12 – Tammy of Fluffybutt Cookie Emporium –

#13 – Laura of Laura’s Cookies –

#14 – Flaget of Cookies with Love by Flaget –

#15 – Karen of SugarDeaux Cookies & Cakes –

Thanks again Cristin for letting me be a part of this fun challenge. You are not only a talented cookie artist and a great friend but now you have a new talent of making your own cutters. Pretty cool in my book. It was fun collaborating with the CP’s again.


  1. What a cute post Melissa! You’re always such a sweetie! I love how your mind works. You saw two things that I didn’t even see in the cutter and then you pushed even beyond that! I’m always so impressed by you and your amazing talent! I love your monster!!! and you!

  2. oh my gosh!!! I totally dig your googlie eyed monsters! So FUN!! Every cookie you create is fun my friend…

  3. Very cute, Melissa! Love the design – you don’t even see the original outline, it looks like it was made for multi-eyed monster!

  4. I loved your design. And the eyes are so detailed!! I love them!

  5. Girl I LOVE them…only someone as sweet at you could make a monster look soooo cute!


  6. Very cute cookies and sweet that you did them in Cristin’s favourite colours.

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