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Inspiration Challenge: December {Winter Wonderland}

I’m back! I’m sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I have a tendency to think that I can do lots of things at once & it is becoming more & more apparent that I cannot. I may have mentioned it before but I like to sew. I’m kind of a newbie to sewing but I enjoy it. I decided to sign up for a craft show thinking I would have plenty of time to make stuff for it. Boy was I wrong. Long story short I spent a lot of time sewing in the last couple of weeks. The craft show didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Lesson learned. I think my time is better spent on cookies.

So another challenge is upon us and because of me we are a bit late posting it. This month the theme is “Winter Wonderland”. I had a lot of great ideas floating around for this one but in the end I had to go simple. My grand ideas of a 3-D wonderland are on the back burner for another time. I needed to make a simple cookie that captured the feel of a winter wonderland. This is what I came up with.

It’s a portrait of what I wish I could experience every now & then here in Texas. I’m writing this post on December 4th and three years ago it was the day before my wedding and snowing in Houston. It rarely snows in Houston so it was a sight to see. Now it’s 80 degrees in December! It doesn’t feel like Christmas time when you’re still wearing sandals. We’ve had a few cold fronts but it has yet to get really cold & stay that way for days.

Anywho, back to the challenge. Please head on over to Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies and see what Stephanie came up with for the challenge. I’d like to thank Stephanie for putting up with my tardiness. She’s an amazing friend.

Please link your winter wonderland cookies or sweet creations below. Next month in honor of a new year we are challenging ourselves to try a technique that is new to us. We hope you’ll join in on the challenge. It doesn’t have to be original but just new to you. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve been wanting to try. It’s a new year & a new you. Challenge yourself to grow not only in cookie decorating but in all aspects of your life.

Thanks for playing along & happy creating!


  1. Love the cookie Melissa! Great job capturing the Winter Wonderland theme!

    I will hopefully have my Winter Wonderland Cookies up tonight..and will link them too!

    My little brain is already thinking ahead the next challenge! WOOT WOOT!

  2. Such a pretty scene! We don’t get much snow in my area of Virginia – I SO wish we did!

  3. Love your sweet little wonderland!

  4. What a beautiful cookie!! 馃檪 As always- your talent amazes! Whether it be cookies or sewing!

  5. What a sweet little winter scene you’ve created! Can’t wait to join you all in a winter-wonder-cookie-land! Kristina

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