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My Cookie Cutter Collection

Seven hundred seventy six {776}. There I said it. This is the number of cookie cutters that I own. I feel like an addict admitting to an addiction. Why do I feel ashamed to say it? I know my collection is not as vast as other decorators but it still feels like I own a lot and I should be ashamed. My collection is stored in a plethora {you like that–Three Amigos baby} of storage containers. I like to try out different containers until I find what I like. I really like the scrapbook containers but they don’t have a lot of depth to them. My recent faves are the three large ones at the bottom with the purple closures. I wish I had a fancier set up but what I have works for me. I bought the shelf at Ikea for plants I had on my patio but since I have a black thumb it ended up getting cleaned and spray painted and became my cookie cutter shelf.

When I recently posted a picture of my cookie cutter collection on Facebook I got asked what categories I had for my cutters. I decided it would be a good blog post so here are the categories.

There really is no rhyme or reason to how I label my cutters. I just put them into categories that I feel will be easy for me to access a cutter when I need it. Some cutters could be in a couple of categories but I just put them where I think they fit best. For example, a heart cutter is a shape but it obviously fits into the category Valentine’s better. Another example is a cupcake cutter. A cupcake could fit into the food category but I have it in the birthdays one because I just associate cupcakes with birthdays. 
Do you like my Halloween overflow? You can’t even see it but there is a small container behind the Christmas overflow. It’s so funny because I don’t even like Halloween. I don’t know how I ended up with so many Halloween cutters. Maybe this year I will make some Halloween cookies. Last year I made some pumpkins  & jack o’ lanterns for one of my husband’s co-workers but that was the extent of my Halloween decorating. Oh yeah I also made some cupcakes for a Halloween party I went to.
Anywho, back to the cutters. What it boils down to is that you should label your cutters not how someone else does but how you want them. You will be the one accessing the cutters and they need to fit into a category where you can easily locate them.
Mostly all of my cutters are plastic or tin but I do own a few copper ones. Thirty five to be exact. Some of them are old cutters my mom gave me. I’m not even sure if they are real copper but they are copper colored so I counted them as copper. Some I have been lucky enough to win in giveaways, some I purchased at Sur la Table and the rest I purchased from Copper Gifts and ecrandal. I love the quality of the cutters from both of these companies. I really treasure the copper cutters I have because my budget does not allow me to purchase many.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection. I would love to know what your number is.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wowser! Now that’s a cookie cutter collection!

  2. Looks great Melissa! I have mine organized very similar to you…and it works for me…Right now…I need to search for a self for all the bins….and no IKEA in sight! Maybe I should stop spending my money on cutters…and get shelving unit instead!


  3. Im afraid to count because then Ill have to admit I have an addition to cutters! But Im proud of you Melissa for owning up…I wish I was as strong. For now Ill just pretend that I have a “fancy” for just some cutters. and no one has to know (except my kids that cant believe I bought/ordered ANOTHER cutter)
    馃檪 Ansa

  4. I have not counted mine. I’m scared too. I just recently purchased a shelving unit from Ikea (3 hour drive for me) and LOVE it. I have mine labeled similar to yours. Actually, now that I think about it, there really is no rhyme or reason to how I have mine labeled. I guess as long as I know where they are that is all that matters 馃檪 But I do love the plastic bins that I’m able to store mine in. Love your system! And I love that I’m not the only one that feels the need to be organized!!!

  5. That’s a lot of cookies cutters, very well organized too!

  6. Love it! I really need to organize mine better. I finally have them sorted, but they’re shoved in a cupboard so when it’s time to put one away I never feel like pulling everything out to put it where it belongs!

  7. Anonymous says:

    A cookie cutter for every occasion! Awesome!… I haven’t nearly as many, so they’re ok collectively mingling in a box (for now).

  8. Looks GREAT Melissa! I bet it makes it a lot easier to find the cutters that you need and put them away. I love the blue shelves! Hugs, Cristin

  9. My cookie cutters are organized in $1 plastic shoebox sized bins from Walmart. I like to bake cookies and decorate them but do not get to do it often enough to justify a collection like yours. Of course, you have mad decorating skills. I hope someday to have the time and inclination to decorate as beautifully as you do!!

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