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Inspiration Challenge: August {Staying Cool}

It’s time for another inspiration challenge for Stephanie {Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies} and myself. This month’s theme is “staying cool”. How do you like to stay cool in the hot summer months?

I’ll have to admit that I originally had planned to try & do something over the top but due to time constraints and life stuff I had to think easy this month. I decided to get my inspiration from my childhood. I grew up in south Texas {the Rio Grande Valley} and my favorite way to stay cool was with raspas. You probably know them as snow cones or Hawaiian shaved ice. If you’re from Texas or have ever visited Texas then I don’t have to tell you how hot it gets. Temperatures in the 100’s are a given. Once when we were little we cooked an egg on the street.

When my parents or my aunt {who I was super attached to when I was little} would say “let’s get raspas” I was over the moon. My favorite flavor was & still is blue coconut. I also love cherry, lime and rainbow. Yum! I’ve had some raspas here in Houston that are pretty good but there is nothing like the ones in my hometown.

If there was a challenge about these cookies it is that I hand cut them & I just hate hand cutting cookies. I’ve seen snow cone cookies before but the ones I’ve seen are made with an ice cream cone cutter. Mine needed to be in a styrofoam cup because that’s the only way I’ve ever had raspas.

Look at that beautiful peak. Yum!

It’s time to show you how I made my cookies. First, I found an image of a styrofoam cup and printed it out on card stock. I printed it large enough to fit my kiss cutter.

I hand cut the styrofoam cups and used the kiss cutter to cut a notch out of the top of the cup.

Then, I cut my kiss shapes and placed them in the spot I made. After the cookies were baked聽I outlined the cup with white piping icing and allowed the outline to dry.

I filled the main portion of the cup and allowed this to dry for about an hour. Next, I filled the lip portion on the cup and allowed the cookies to dry overnight.

For the rainbow snow cone I used edible markers to mark where my different colors would go. I used about a 15 second icing to flood the sections and then immediately covered it with white sanding sugar.

I love how the sanding sugar gives the look of ice.

So there you have it. My favorite way to stay cool when it’s hot is with an ice cold raspa {snow cone}.

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s awesome “staying cool” cookies here. I love them! They bring back fond memories of my childhood. It’s amazing how two people can take one theme and come up with such different designs.

Now it’s your turn to show us your “staying cool” cookies. They can be cookies you’ve done in the past.

Next month the theme is “Pirates”. I kept seeing a commercial on TV saying that September 19th is聽International Talk Like a Pirate Day聽so I looked it up and sure enough it was. Get ready in September to show us your pirate cookies. Arrrgh! Lol!

Thanks for stopping by and happy baking!


  1. Love these! We have a snowball (we call them snowballs 馃檪 stand in town that is super popular. You can get them stuffed with soft serve ice cream – so good!

  2. Melissa! Those are 18 times of CUTE! I love them…..And now I want one! We call them snow cones here…and cherry are my favorite! Oh boy…now another reason why I need to get myself to Texas!


  3. So so cute!! I grew up in Houston, and we LOVED getting shaved ice!! YUM!! I can still taste it now (I loved banana). These are so cute and so creative!!

  4. So cool! I love how you used the Hershey Kiss!

  5. These are AWESOME!! I haben’t had a snowcone in years but this is making me want one right now!

  6. Looks like we were on the same page with our inspiration 馃槈 I did sno-cones also….tried to link them too but looks like I can only add one. So the milkshake is it. LOL Another great challenge!!

  7. Haha!! Figured a way around my problem. Now you can enjoy them both 馃檪 Milkshakes AND sno-cones. Hooray!!!

  8. We call them Snowballs in Louisiana. And my favorite is Strawberry with Condensed Milk on top. Or Wedding Cake flavored. Yum! I used to help my Sister-in-law make them at her Snowball Stand. Can you say cold hands? LOL

  9. I think your raspas are absolutely perfect! Having hand-cut a few cookie orders before I know how time consuming it can be. Your extra effort with these cookies certainly paid off. They are wonderful!

  10. Ooh I can play along in this one! Yay! Thanks for doing this Melissa & Stephanie! Fun, fun, fun! I made a whole bunch of ice cream cookies and continue to make a whole bunch of ice cream cookies. Nick is an ice cream junkie, but now that he has a girlfriend… not so much 馃槈

  11. Your snowcones are perfect. The ones at my son’s work come in a cup too. You did yours perfectly! That was so creative to think of the hersheys kiss and hand-cutting the cup. You’re always sooo good!

  12. They are perfect! Bernie ALways says raspa and it’s rubbed off to the kiddos, lol. Now I’m the only dork left saying snowcone! I usually love wedding cake or horchata but lately I’m on a pickle kick!

  13. Clever and adorable. Great job!
    Pure Grace Farms recently posted…All American PiesMy Profile

  14. These are too cute, and they do look like real snowcones!
    Dee recently posted…Loom Band Flip Flop BowsMy Profile

  15. I had totally forgotten these! Glad for the reminder! RASPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sweetsugarbelle recently posted…Decorated Ladybug CookiesMy Profile

  16. Love! These are so lovely. I am not sure if I want a cutout cookie or a snow cone now. 馃檪
    Sarah @ Sarah’s Bake Studio recently posted…Banana Chocolate Chip CupcakesMy Profile

  17. Claudia Almaguer says:

    Love them! Can’t wait to make them!!!!

  18. These are darling…and now I really want a snow cone!!!
    Lizy B recently posted…Fourth of July Cookies!My Profile

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