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Rag Doll Bunnies aka Dead Bunnies

Are you ready to make rag doll bunnies (I hate calling them dead bunnies but that’s what my friend wanted)? They are easy to make so let’s get started.

First you cut gingerbread men shapes and use the bunny head to cut off the heads of the gingerbread men so you’re left with the body. Next cut your bunny head shapes and place them together with the body. I gently rubbed the two pieces together at the seam to help them adhere to each other when baking. I would suggest leaving the cookies on the pan to cool completely before moving them. Also, I like to decorate day old cookies because they are less fragile. I won’t lie this cookie was a little frustrating to piece together because the ears kept wanting to break. I didn’t freeze the dough when I did it. Freezing probably would have made it easier.

I prepared the eyes by rolling out black fondant to about 1/8 inch. You could roll it thinner but I wanted a little thickness for stability. For the large button I used a Wilton 1M tip, a Wilton #12 tip for the indentation and a Wilton #3 tip to make the holes. For the smaller button I used a Wilton #12 tip, a small round cutter for the indentation and a Wilton #2 tip for the holes. I allowed the buttons to dry overnight. When fondant hardens it will have a bite on the outside but be soft on the inside.

I outlined and flooded my cookies white and allowed them to dry completely. Then I used聽sugar glue to聽adhere the buttons聽to the cookies. Sugar glue is made by mixing 1/4 tsp of tylose powder to 2 tablespoons of warm water and allowing it to sit in an airtight container in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. If you do not want to use sugar glue you can use piping gel or even a small dot of royal icing. Allow the buttons time to adhere to the cookies before moving on.

Then with black piping consistency icing pipe the stitch details on the buttons and make a nose. Finally, I used a Wilton #103 tip to make a ruffle collar on the bunny. You can find a great tutorial on making ruffles here.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. By the way, here is my inspiration. It’s an image that I found online.

I would not recommend making a cookie like this for shipping. It’s a fragile cookie. When I packaged them I said a little prayer. Thankfully they were just making a short trip to my friend’s job.


  1. Love these so much!!!

  2. Saw this on Flickr. Love it even more seeing how you created it!

  3. Oh you’re so mean! I can’t believe the photo of the gingerbread man with his head cut off! 馃槈 ha ha! Very cute dead bunny!

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