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Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny

Today’s another quick post to show you the next set of cookies I made for Easter. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny. They’re simple but fashionable bunnies. Always ready for a night out on the town. LOL!

I wanted to keep my Easter designs simple this year. These bunnies are so easy to make. You simply pipe and flood your cookie and while the cookie is still wet drop in black candy beads for the eyes. For the female bunny I dropped in pink sugar pearls to give her a pearl necklace. I let the cookies dry overnight and then added the tails, noses, bow tie and eyelashes. Thanks Sugarbelle for the tip of on making eyelashes.

I’ve got one more set of bunnies to show you but I’ll be posting those this weekend when I unveil my project. Hopefully this project lives up to the hype.

I’m sorry I haven’t done any tutorials this week but I’ve been suffering with bad allergies and I get brain fog.


  1. I love the bling bunnies!! The necklace is adorable and I can’t wait to your big reveal!!

    Thanks for linking up with me:)

  2. What a cute couple! 馃檪

  3. This is my time visiting your blog. All your cookies creations are fantastic! Will be back for sure for more…

  4. I love the Mr. & Mrs. Bunny concept. These were well thought out. Simple yet elegant.

  5. I think these are my favorite Easter cookies!!!

    • You are too sweet! You’re Easter cookies are my faves. That brown bunny with the lop sided ear and those baskets. I adore that basket. I need to stare at my ice cream cutter some more. I wanted to attend Spring Fling so bad to be able to meet you. Maybe next time. Hope you have a blast! Did you get my Star Wars idea email?

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