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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Remember the Easter cookies I’ve been showing you in my last couple of posts? Are you ready for the big reveal of my Easter project? Well here it is.

I have seen cakes on Pinterest and Facebook with cookies as accents. I got to thinking that I make cakes and I make cookies but I’ve never put the two together. I thought Easter would be the perfect opportunity to try it. I have a lot to do tomorrow so I had to get this project done today. I have no idea if the cookies will stay on until tomorrow since I’ve never done this before. So far so good. Let’s hope & pray that it all works out.
Here’s the bunny in egg by himself. I didn’t want to show him off before this reveal because I thought the baked in toothpicks would give away the surprise.
The cookie cutter is the bunny in egg cutter from SweetDaniB available at Copper Gifts.
I hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow! I can’t wait to dig into this cake!


  1. This is super adorable Melissa! I have the bunny in egg cutter too and it’s one of my very favorites. You cake with cookies is adorable!

  2. I absolutely love this…and it turn out fantastic!! Thanks for sharing it…


  3. This cake is eggcellent! I love how you decorated the bunny in egg and the sheep! Happy Easter! xo Dani

  4. You make cakes too?!?! Wow!

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