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Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)

This is an impromptu post. I was planning on posting some cookies this week but it didn’t happen. Instead, I made some marshmallow fondant (MMF). It was my first time making it and overall I’d say it was successful. Am I 100% sold on it? Not sure???

One of my friends has asked me to make a cake for her daughter’s birthday. I’ve made a few cakes before so I was thinking that it wouldn’t be a problem. Well I was wrong. She wants a two tiered cake that looks like presents. This is where it gets interesting. I have never made a two tier cake and I have never covered a cake with fondant. I think I like to torture myself. I figure that I will never learn unless I try. Thank goodness my friend is one of my biggest supporters. She encourages me and if something doesn’t come out how I wanted it she tells me it’s no big deal. Thank goodness for nice, understanding friends. If not for her I would not have done most of the cakes that I’ve made. My thing is cookies not cakes but I love cakes and I want to learn.
My favorite brand of fondant is Satin Ice. I personally like the way it tastes. The downside is that a 2 lb tub of it costs around $15 plus tax at my local cake shop. I will be making a 6″ two layer tier and a 10″ two layer tier. According to Wilton’s chart, of fondant amounts to cover cakes, I will need a total of 72 oz of fondant. This is 4 1/2 lbs or $33.75 plus tax of just fondant alone. I’m sure the 5 lb tub is cheaper but I’ve never bought that size so I’m not sure exactly what it costs. To try and save on cost I thought I’d make a test batch of MMF. Am I crazy to try something I’ve never used before on my first attempt at a fondant cake? Answer is probably so.

When searching for MMF recipes I decided to go with a recipe by Mayen on YouTube. She makes incredible cakes and is very knowledgeable when it comes to cake decorating.
The MMF recipe by Mayen is as follows:

16 oz of marshmallows
3 tbsp water
2 lbs powdered sugar
1 tbsp vanilla
I followed her recipe exactly except that I added 1/4 tsp of almond emulsion because I love the taste of vanilla with a little almond.
I made sure to sift my powdered sugar and I weighed my marshmallows.
Then I greased everything, as Mayen said to do, with shortening and melted my marshmallows in the microwave. Mine took 1 minute 20 seconds to melt. Then I added my flavorings and mixed. The picture below is how they looked after I added the flavorings and before I mixed.
I put about 3/4 of the powdered sugar in my mixing bowl and then added the marshmallow mixture and mixed. I added a little more powdered sugar at a time until I reached the consistency I thought was right. All 2 lbs of powdered sugar were used. The plastic wrap tip was great because I tend to make a mess when I bake and there was only a small mess. I will use this technique from now on when making buttercream and cookies.
One thing I learned is not to be afraid of the shortening. I should have coated everything a little more heavily than I did. I didn’t take a picture of what everything looked like coated but this is how my bowl looked after I removed the fondant. Perhaps this happened because I needed a little more powdered sugar. Except for a small bit of stickiness the majority felt firm and didn’t stick to my fingers so I didn’t think I needed more.
I went ahead and put what powdered sugar did not mix in with my ball of fondant and coated my hands thoroughly with shortening and kneaded away. My wrists could not handle all the kneading so I had to break it down into two smaller balls of fondant.
Once kneaded the texture was nice and smooth and felt similar to Satin Ice’s texture. I thought the taste was not bad either. I weighed the two portions of fondant and came out with a little over 3 lbs, including the plastic wrap, which is what Mayen said the recipe would make.
 After letting the fondant rest for a few hours I decided to roll a bit out to test the consistency. Overall, it rolled out nicely but it did get some air bubbles in it and it felt a bit sticky and soft. This may be because I rolled it out on a silicone mat and not a counter coated with powdered sugar or cornstarch.

So that’s it. A very long post I know but I wanted to document the process. What’s the bottom line? The MMF was not hard to make, it tasted good and it’s inexpensive. This recipe cost about $4 to make 3 lbs of fondant (price will vary based on brand you use and location). This is very reasonable compared to store bought fondant. The downside is that it did get several air bubbles when rolling (this could be from my lack of experience with fondant but this has happened very rarely with Satin Ice) and it felt a bit on the soft side. Will I use the MMF? I’m going to say more than likely not. I have experience using Satin Ice for accents on cakes and cupcakes and because of my experience with how it feels and rolls I will probably stick to using it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on MMF. Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a recipe you love? Do you have any tips? I’m not going to ditch MMF forever but just for now. I think it would be great to use for accents and figures because of the savings.


  1. Thank you!! That was great how you did it. It looks easy. This is my first time doing it sooo we will see.


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