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How I Like To Clean My Icing Bottles

Today’s post is short & sweet. I wanted to share with you how I like to clean my icing bottles. I like to use a baby bottle brush to clean them out real good and dry them on a rack for baby bottles. That’s it! I’m sure most of you already do this but I thought I’d share anyway.

The rack comes in handy to dry your piping bags too. I like to use the plastic wrap method, by Karen at to fill my piping bags. However, even with this method you still get icing on the coupler and they need to be rinsed out. The rack does a good job of holding them while they dry. The bottom of the rack is a good place to hold the caps of the bottles, tips and tip covers while they dry too. I don’t have them pictured but my boo boo sticks end up here also. I rarely use the smaller icing bottles but when I do they fit real nice on the smaller holders.

I’m interested in hearing how you clean & dry your bottles. Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. The same way!!! Now why didn’t you tell me you started a blog!!! Xoxoxo

  2. How cute is that rack!? It’s been over 20 years since I’ve touched a baby bottle… Things sure have come a long way since how I used to ensure baby bottles were completely dry. It’s the same way I dry my decorating bottles, and flower vases that have narrow openings… I fold or roll up a paper towel the long way – then, I stick one end down into the bottle/vase and shake it side to side – this throws the paper towel around the bottle so it absorbs the water. I also leave the paper towel in the bottle/vase overnight – the paper towel acts like a wick and draws moisture into it. It’s a VERY handy trick that works for decorating bottles, but it is especially helpful for flower vases and even salt and pepper shakers you want to clean/dry. The paper towels I use don’t go to waste because after I pull them out I just reuse them!

    Happy baking!

    • Thanks for the great tip! Sometimes I need my bottles to dry quickly for my next project and this paper towel trick will help.

    • I have been looking for a brush idea for my bottles since I switched from bags to bottles and have never been successful until the other day when I was on Kitchen Krafts and found these nifty brushes they sell for a Baby Food processor they sell. Here is the link for anyone who is searching for the right size brush as well
      Now I need to go to the store and find that nifty rack you use. I have always put my bottles on the top rack of the dishwasher but my needs for using them and times for running the dishwasher don’t always coincide. Thanks for sharing how you clean your bottles.

    • Thanks for sharing Lynda. Those brushes look neat. I’ll have to put them on my list of things to get. I don’t know what state you’re in but I got my bottle rack at H-E-B. I’m in Texas. I think it was an off brand. I’m guessing bottle holders are probably pretty similar so no doubt you’ll find a great one.

  3. I just give them to my 4 y/o and she fills them with water and dumps them over and over and over again! ;^) This is a great way to dry them though! ;^)

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