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Cristin’s Cookie Challenge – Mickey Mouse Cookies

Today several cookie decorators are doing a link-up party over at Cristin’s Cookies. I am super excited to participate in my first challenge. The theme of the challenge is Mickey Mouse. Cristin chose this theme because they are celebrating her son’s 18th birthday at Disneyland. Very exciting! I’ve been to Disneyworld once many years ago and it was quite the experience. We only spent a few days there and there is so much that I did not get to see. I would love to go back again or go to Disneyland.

Let me just say that character cookies are not my favorite cookies to make. I find them to be very challenging and I tend to stay away from them. Characters are well know icons. If you do not get their features just right it will be blatantly obvious. I currently do not take orders but back when I was I always feared the character request. You can see the few character cookies I made here.

I made this set of Mickey cookies with my cousin in mind. Her son Isaac is celebrating his birthday this month and he loves Mickey.

All I can say is that without my Kopykake these cookies would not be possible. Many decorators do not use Kopykake’s because they are just super talented artists but when it comes to cookies that require detail mine is my best friend. I cannot draw to save my life. I’m pretty pleased with my first Mickey cookies. I know now how to approach designing him so next time around I think he’ll be better.

I hope that you will hop on over to Cristin’s blog and check out the other Mickey cookies being created. Also, be sure to check out Cristin’s work. She decorates more cookies than anyone I know. When she decorates she goes all out. She doesn’t just make one or two designs. She makes tons of designs for each theme. I don’t know how she does it. It must be all the bike riding she does that gives her the energy. Perhaps I need to take up bike riding. 馃檪

You can also find Cristin on Facebook.

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  1. What a sweetie you are Melissa to share our cookie challenge with your readers too. Your cookies are AMAZING! You should NOT stay away from Mickey Mouse characters as you did them absolutely beyond perfect! You are quite the cookie decorator and I’m so very thankful that you shared your cookies with us! Big hug!

  2. I agree with Cristin! These are awesome!!! Micky never looked better!!!

    • Thanks BearFoot Baker! I am a fan of your work (I follow your blog, your Flickr & FB). Did you see my Valentine’s penguins? They were inspired by you!!! I was able to snag the cutter at Michael’s on clearance.

      I’m so happy you posted a comment because you totally remeinded me that I need to add descriptions to my FB photos giving credit for the inspiration. I’m on Flickr too & always do it there but forgot about FB because it was such a chore to upload all the photos. Lol!

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