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Valentine’s Day Penguins & More

Today I’m sharing more Valentine’s Day designs with you. Next up is a cute penguin couple. You might be thinking that Valentine’s penguins are not typical but the weather is still cold out so why not penguins? I had the idea to do this design ever since I saw this post by a new blogger The Bearfoot Baker. I was able to find the cutter she used at Michael’s Craft Store. I got it on clearance for $.99. Can you say score? I will not go into detail about the design of this cookie because her tutorial is superb. I simply adapted it to be a Valentine’s theme. You could use this cute cutter for so many different themes. I think penguins for a baby shower would be cute. The only thing about this cutter is that it is huge. You probably wouldn’t want to do dozens of cookies with this cutter. I just love Mr. & Mrs. Penguin! I’m so picky about the cookies I create that after I pictured them I realized it would have been way cuter if I had put Mr. Penguin’s heart on his other flipper so that their hearts were meeting. Oh well.

Next up is my take on the the famous Valentine’s phrase “Be Mine”. Since my name, Melissa, means honeybee in Greek I wanted to do a “Bee Mine” cookie. I took the letters M, I, N and E and put them close together on the cookie sheet so that they were touching. They baked into each other and created one large cookie. I added a bee by gluing it on with royal icing. I was going to decorate my bee with the traditional yellow, black and white colors but I forgot to mix yellow so I ended up with a pink, black and white bee. I’m glad I didn’t mix the yellow because I like the way it came out. I also like the stitching on this cookie. I used a food color marker to add the stitches.

The heart in the middle of this platter was inspired by this great tutorial that Sweetopia has on piping lines with royal icing. My hands were a bit shaky so my lines were not as straight as I’d like but overall I love this cookie. I love the pink, white and black together.
The next set of cookies are Mr. & Mrs. Lovebug. Again I put my heart sprinkles to use as accents to keep with the Valentine’s Day theme. They’re such a cute couple looking into each other’s eyes.
I like to call this next collection “Sealed with a Kiss”. Most people don’t write love letters anymore through snail mail so I guess these are a throw back to the old days. Did you notice that my stamp has the new postal rate on it? Lol! I used the imprint technique I discussed in my previous post to achieve the heart on the stamp.
Finally, I pictured all the hearts together so you could see them as a group. I really enjoyed piping lines on my cookies and look forward to doing it again. Hopefully with a more steady hand.
Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure when my next post will be (I’ll be vacationing) or what it will be about but I’ll be thinking of ideas while I’m relaxing.
Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s or not I hope that you are a fan of love.
Make every day a sweet day!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very cute. Where did you get the letter cookie cutters? What brand are they? Thanks. Kathy

  2. Hannah Tanguay says:

    I have been looking everywhere for that penguin cookie cutter! Did that come in the betty crock 101 as well or did you get that somewhere else?


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