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Valentine’s Day Lovebirds & Owls

Today I want to share some Valentine’s Day cookie designs with you. I’ve had friends ask me how I decorate my cookies so my plan was to do a tutorial to show you how I did one or two of the designs. Unfortunately, that plan went out the window when I opened up the pictures and realized they were all junk. My photography skills need some work. I’m a point & shoot gal. The pictures I’ve taken that have turned out well came out purely by luck. I always try to use natural light when taking photos but I was decorating in the evening. I tend to be very impatient & did not want to wait until the next day for better lighting. Lesson learned. Then today I was ready to photograph my cookies and it was cloudy outside. Sometimes you just can’t win.
So here we go. The first set of cookies I made are lovebirds. Mr. & Mrs. Lovebird to be exact. I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway by Cristin of Cristin’s Cookies. I received a fabulous lovebird cutter from Copper Gifts as well as some other great decorating supplies. I outlined and filled the cookies and then dropped in the eyes (one of the prizes from the giveaway) on the wet icing. After the icing dried for awhile I outlined the heart and filled it. When I decorate I like to outline the cookies first and allow the outline to dry a bit before flooding. This method gives you a defined outline. Then, I added a beak and feet. I thought it would be cute to use some heart sprinkles that I got at Michael’s Craft Store as the beak and feet. I let the cookies dry completely overnight and then the next day I decided to outline the heart because I didn’t get the definition I was going for. Make sure if you do this that you use the same number decorating tip for uniformity. I didn’t realize my pink had a different size tip on it and the outline is too thick. For the wing I made a heart and then used a small paint brush to do a brush embroidery technique. I’ve tried doing brush embroidery before but was not pleased with how it came out. I think it had to do with the consistency of my icing. After seeing this most amazing video on brush embroidery by SweetAmbs I knew I had to attempt it again. Let’s just say I need to work on it some more. I think my icing was still too thin to achieve the look I was going for.
The next set of cookies I made were love owls. Again, I did a Mr. & Mrs. using the SweetDaniB cutter from Copper Gifts. For these cookies I knew that I wanted to incorporate a heart into the design and decided it would be great on the body of the owl. I’m not the best artist and I do not freehand things very well. I needed a guide in order to achieve a perfect heart. I decided to use a technique that I learned from Sugarbelle. Using another cookie cutter to lightly imprint your cookie is a great way to leave a guide for decorating. Her techniques are shear genius. For this cookie I first outlined the heart with the body color and then outlined the outside of the cookies. I allowed the outline to dry for a bit and then came back and filled in. While the icing was still wet I dropped in hearts, that I cut from fondant, as the eyes. Normally, before filling in the heart, you should allow the icing to dry several hours or overnight to avoid bleeding but again my impatience came in. I waited about an hour and then flooded the heart. I let the cookies dry overnight and then added the eyes, beak and feet. In hindsight I should have dropped the beak into the wet icing for a cleaner look but since this did not occur to me at the time I added a small dot of royal icing and stuck them on. The eyes and feet were also attached with small dots of royal icing. After these dried for a bit I finished the cookies by outlining the hearts and adding a bowtie on Mr. Owl and a bow on Mrs. Owl. Isn’t it cute how they are looking at each other? Hoo loves you? Lol!
I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day designs and you will get inspired to try them. I have a few other designs to share with you but to keep this post from being too long I will be posting them tomorrow.
Make every day a sweet day!!!

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